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Creotech Instruments Announces EagleEye Satellite Arrival at Vandenberg Space Force Base

COMPANIESCreotech Instruments Announces EagleEye Satellite Arrival at Vandenberg Space Force Base

Creotech Instruments, a Polish satellite manufacturer listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), has announced that its EagleEye satellite has arrived at Vandenberg Space Force Base. The satellite was transported by the mission operator, Exolaunch GmbH. At this base in California, the largest and most advanced Polish satellite will undergo final functional tests before integration with the Falcon 9 rocket. The satellite launch is scheduled for mid-year, with the exact date to be announced later by the launch service provider, SpaceX.

EagleEye Satellite

“The EagleEye satellite has successfully reached Space Force Base in California, completing all transport procedures. At Vandenberg, final functional tests will soon be conducted before integrating the satellite with SpaceX’s rocket. We are very happy and proud that everything is proceeding according to plan. We will soon witness a groundbreaking mission that is important not only for us but also for the entire space industry in Poland,” says Dr. Grzegorz Brona, President of Creotech Instruments. “We expect to know the exact launch date soon,” he adds.

EagleEye was transported from Poland by air. After clearance at Los Angeles airport, the satellite was received by Exolaunch, which took responsibility for its further transport to Vandenberg Space Force Base.

Before transportation to the United States, EagleEye was placed in a specialized transport crate protecting against shocks, vibrations, and temperature changes, equipped with sensors monitoring environmental conditions. The flight to Los Angeles was supervised by Creotech Instruments specialists. After arriving in California, the satellite was further transported to Exolaunch’s warehouse, then to the base at Vandenberg. Here, EagleEye will undergo additional functional tests in SpaceX’s clean rooms before integration with the Falcon 9 launch vehicle.

“The purpose of these tests is to verify the proper functioning of all satellite subsystems and confirm its ability to perform its function in orbit. Additional tests with the separation ring are conducted to ensure that everything goes according to plan during integration and later separation in orbit. All actions on-site will be carried out by representatives of Exolaunch, SpaceX, and in cooperation with engineers from Creotech Instruments,” says Marcin Mazur, EagleEye Mission Manager at Creotech Instruments.

Transporting the satellite from Poland to the USA, including customs clearance, took approximately three days.

EagleEye is the largest and most advanced Polish satellite, built by Creotech Instruments on its proprietary HyperSat satellite platform. It is equipped with a Scanway telescope for taking images of the Earth’s surface in visible and near-infrared bands. Additionally, the device has an ion engine, allowing it to lower its orbit from 510 km to 350 km, enabling even more detailed images.

“Our previous collaboration with the European Space Agency and SpaceX has provided us with valuable experience and practical knowledge. We can now effectively implement future projects and share our know-how with other entities in the Polish space sector,” adds Marcin Mazur, EagleEye Mission Manager at Creotech Instruments.

Creotech is the largest Polish company producing and supplying space technology and specialized electronics to the global market, including for quantum computers, quantum cryptography, and quantum physics and high-energy laboratories.

Creotech Instruments’ shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s Main Market since 2022. At the end of the first quarter of 2024, the company reported sales revenue of nearly 5.9 million PLN. As of March 31, its equity amounted to over 88 million PLN, ensuring financial stability for the near future.

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