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Eycore Unveils First Polish SAR Satellite and Partners with Creotech Instruments for Future Space Missions

COMPANIESEycore Unveils First Polish SAR Satellite and Partners with Creotech Instruments for Future Space Missions

Eycore, a Polish space company, has unveiled the first Polish satellite for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) spatial imaging. The radars developed by Eycore are the first Polish project capable of integration with any microsatellite platform. Simultaneously, Eycore and Creotech Instruments have signed a letter of intent for cooperation in the design and construction of satellite platforms equipped with SAR radar instruments.

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology is a groundbreaking innovation that allows continuous observation of the Earth’s surface regardless of weather conditions and time of day. It enables imaging even at night and in heavily clouded conditions, distinguishing it significantly from optical instruments. This is crucial considering that 70% of the Earth’s surface is always covered by clouds. Poland is one of the countries located in regions that are cloud-covered for most of the year, making them inaccessible to optical instruments placed in orbit.

The Synthetic Aperture Radar we have developed is the result of Polish technical thought – the work, knowledge, and experience of our engineers, says Maciej Klemm, co-founder and CEO of Eycore. – At Eycore, we also set ourselves the goal of building a universal structure, a radar that can be placed on any microsatellite while maintaining full control over its timing and usage.

Eycore plans to launch its first SAR radar into low Earth orbit in the fourth quarter of 2025. This will be the result of several years of research and development work by the company’s engineers. The first Polish SAR satellite will be developed using a satellite platform provided by a renowned European manufacturer. For its orbital placement, Eycore will utilize the services of SpaceX, the largest global provider of launch vehicles in the space industry.

Radar imaging using SAR technology finds application in many key areas such as agriculture, climate, forestry, defense, and infrastructure. It is particularly useful in observing the effects of climate change, predicting natural disasters and monitoring their progress, planning the extraction of natural resources. It is also widely used in the military sector.

Our work on SAR radars and satellites stems from the rapidly growing market demand for this type of Earth imaging. We see enormous potential in this sector both in the military and civilian areas, says Tomasz Kusowski, co-founder and vice-president of Eycore. – We are already seeing significant interest from potential partners in accessing independent radar imaging of the Earth. Eycore therefore has excellent prospects for very rapid growth.

In building and deploying subsequent radar systems in space, Eycore will in the future collaborate with Creotech Instruments, a Polish company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The companies signed a letter of intent today, stating that Eycore will provide radar instruments, while Creotech will supply the satellite platforms needed to launch these objects into low Earth orbit.

For Creotech Instruments, the largest Polish space industry company, the collaboration with Eycore is another innovative project that expands the company’s competencies and know-how.

We have been working with Eycore for several years now, so we know each other well. We are pleased that our proprietary platform will be used by Eycore in the future for SAR satellites, says Dr. Grzegorz Brona, CEO of Creotech Instruments. – One of the main distinguishing features of the platform is its modularity, which allows us to tailor the product to the individual requirements of the client in missions with diverse applications and profiles, including radar. The HyperSat platform is currently the basis for the EagleEye mission and is already a key element in a number of projects at both the national and European levels – adds Grzegorz Brona.

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