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hiPower Energy Acquires Stake in Hydrogenium Prosta S.A. for Biomass Gasification Technology

COMPANIEShiPower Energy Acquires Stake in Hydrogenium Prosta S.A. for Biomass Gasification Technology

The NewConnect-listed company hiPower Energy (formerly S.A.) has signed an agreement with Hydrogenium Prosta S.A., the owner of the IP for an innovative plasma gasification technology for biomass. This technology enables the economical production of hydrogen and syngas from any biomass. The group acquired shares representing 30.3% of the share capital and entitling them to 30.3% of the votes in Hydrogenium Prosta.

The agreement was preceded by the successful completion of a technological and legal audit of the revolutionary technology, which, due to its low production costs, can accelerate the hydrogen transformation.

“I am excited about the opportunities created by the application of technology from Hydrogenium Prosta’s portfolio. Its implementation allows for the economical production of green hydrogen and syngas, which can then be converted into e-fuels or used in the chemical industry to produce so-called green chemicals. This versatility makes the plasma gasification technology a response to the needs of enterprises from various industries and fits well into the implementation of sustainable practices,” says Jacek Gliniak, President of hiPower Energy.

The innovative technology increases hydrogen production efficiency without the need for modifications to existing biomass processing and food production lines. To implement it, a mobile installation can be connected as an addition to the existing line.

“Our technology is based on a universal solution that can be used worldwide. Companies from the European Union, Ukraine, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tanzania, and South Africa are already interested. Therefore, we plan to start mass production of reactors using additive manufacturing, specifically 3D printing. Future versions of the installations will be adapted for remote operation and eventually fully autonomous operation and servicing,” says Maciej Ganczarski, CEO of Hydrogenium Prosta S.A.

The plasma gasification technology allows the use of universal raw materials, such as sunflower husks and cake, sawdust, and residues from palm oil and corn processing. The electricity consumption for the operating installation is less than 1 MWh/h. In comparison, an electrolytic installation of similar size consumes between 10 and 13 MWh/h.

This breakthrough technology enables the large-scale production of low-emission hydrogen, resulting in significant savings for municipal companies and enterprises in the heavy industry, chemical industry, and maritime transport sectors.

“I am convinced that enriching our Group’s portfolio with plasma gasification technology will allow us to increase value for our shareholders in the long term. The agreement with Hydrogenium Prosta is another step in consistently expanding the range of technological solutions available to hiPower Energy. Acquiring this groundbreaking technology will enable us to respond more effectively to market needs arising from the necessity of energy transformation,” summarizes Jacek Gliniak from hiPower Energy.

hiPower Energy Group is beginning to implement innovative hydrogen recovery technology from residual gases, which has not been available in the European market until now. The company also possesses methanol-powered fuel cells for the production of electricity and heat, as well as mobile charging stations for electric vehicles.

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