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ORLEN Group Expands Renewable Energy Portfolio with New Photovoltaic Power Plant Near Wałcz

ENERGYORLEN Group Expands Renewable Energy Portfolio with New Photovoltaic Power Plant Near Wałcz

A photovoltaic power plant located near the town of Wałcz in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship has expanded ORLEN Group’s renewable energy portfolio by an additional 10 MW. The investment will supply green energy to nearly 5,000 households. The company already has over 100 MW of installed photovoltaic capacity.

ORLEN Wind 3, a company within the ORLEN Group, has signed an agreement to acquire the photovoltaic power plant from Forum IV FIZ fund and Prime PV Assets. The 11-hectare farm consists of 18,600 photovoltaic panels and 40 inverters, the key components of the installation responsible for converting the direct current produced by the PV panels into alternating current that is fed into the grid and powers electrical devices.

This is another investment by the company in renewable energy sources, which are a crucial area of energy transformation. In the region, the ORLEN Group already produces electricity from six wind farms located in Kanin, Karcino, Karścino, Myślino, Parsówek, and Krzęcin, with a total capacity of 226 MW.

Additionally, Energa Green Development, a company within the ORLEN Group responsible for the development of onshore renewable sources, acquired the project to build the Szybowice wind power plant with a capacity of about 37 MW in March this year, marking the company’s first wind farm in southern Poland. In the second quarter, the company also began constructing five more photovoltaic installations with a total capacity of over 42 MW.

Photovoltaics are an important direction in the development of renewable energy for the ORLEN Group. Last year, the company’s generation assets portfolio increased by 64 MW of installed photovoltaic capacity. Among the most significant investments were the expansion of the Gryf photovoltaic farms to 25 MW and Wielbark to a total of 70 MW. Additionally, Energa Wytwarzanie from the ORLEN Group started the construction of the Mitra farm with a capacity of 65 MW. The Energa Group continues to acquire further renewable energy installations, including PV and wind farms. The largest transactions included preliminary agreements with Greenvolt and Lewandpol Holding for projects with a total capacity of 393 MW.

The ORLEN Group is implementing renewable energy projects both on land and at sea, including onshore, offshore, and photovoltaic investments. These activities align with the updated Polish Energy Policy until 2040, according to which zero-emission energy sources will account for over 50% of the electricity consumed in Poland by the end of the decade.

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