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Tomasz Sójka Resigns from ORLEN Supervisory Board Amid Media Scrutiny

COMPANIESTomasz Sójka Resigns from ORLEN Supervisory Board Amid Media Scrutiny

Tomasz Sójka has submitted his resignation from the Supervisory Board. The decision will come into effect on February 16th.

“In response to the media coverage about me in connection with my appointment to the Supervisory Board of ORLEN, I decided to resign. My historical connections with the SMM law firm, which I left in 2018, as well as my later social activity in the Polska 2050 movement are publicly known. In January of this year, the Ministry of State Assets invited me to run for the Supervisory Board. At the same time, during the hearing by the Council for State-owned Companies, I discussed my qualifications as a law professor in detail and clarified the nature of my historical relationships with the SMM law firm, which resulted in a positive opinion on my candidacy for the ORLEN Supervisory Board and later my nomination as a candidate for the ORLEN Supervisory Board by the Ministry of State Assets. Due to misunderstandings arising in the media about me, I decided to resign as the good of the Company and its stakeholders requires. My resignation becomes effective on February 16th due to the necessity for the Ministry of State Assets to supplement the composition of the supervisory board and ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the company”, explained Tomasz Sójka, as he justified his decision.

Tomasz Sójka is a Professor of Law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He specializes in corporate law, capital markets, and new technologies. Tomasz Sójka’s scholarly work comprises over a hundred publications in the aforementioned scope. He is the author of four monographs in commercial law, the editor, and co-author of the leading commentary on capital market law. He has also taken part in the legislative process of many laws in the field of economic law. Sójka has long been a member of the European Corporate Governance Institute in Brussels. He served on the Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, where he participated in the development of Good Practices of Companies Listed on the WSE.

For 15 years, he was a managing partner of one of the larger Polish law firms. In his practice, he provided advisory services in the execution of numerous transactions on the capital market, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A). He advised on the implementation of disclosure obligations and compliance with corporate governance rules. His advisory activity was primarily directed at public companies, especially in the energy and financial sectors. He also participated in many court and arbitration disputes related to conflicts between shareholders of the largest capital companies, also as an arbitrator. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at UAM in Poznań. He was a fellow of Oxford University, De Paul University in Chicago, TMC Asser Institute in The Hague, and the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg.

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