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Saule Seeks Technology Investor to Accelerate Perovskite Cell Production

COMPANIESSaule Seeks Technology Investor to Accelerate Perovskite Cell Production

Saule Group is striving to accelerate the commercialisation and scaling of perovskite cell production technology. To achieve this, it is seeking a technology investor from the manufacturing or renewable energy industry.

In order to speed up the commercialisation process of perovskite technology, companies from Saule Technologies Group have agreed with DC24 ASI, Columbus Energy, Artur Kupczunas, Olga Malinkiewicz, Knowledge is Knowledge sp. o.o. sp.k., Dariusz Chrząstowski, H.I.S. CO., LTD. (Japan), and Piotr Krychem to start preparations for acquiring a strategic investor.

“Analysing various directions of operation of Saule S.A., developing perovskite cell technology, we decided to find a strategic partner who will allow us to build a fully automated, large-scale perovskite production technology. To do this on our own, we would have to dedicate several years. Our technology is backed by the most important European quality certificates and is ready for full commercialisation. Therefore, we decided to look for an investor from the manufacturing technology industry who will provide the necessary know-how and financing, and become the main manufacturer of perovskites. Such a transaction may end with the licensing of the technology, the investor’s entry into the Company or the sale of shares of Saule S.A. Regardless of the final outcome of the transaction, we want the technology of perovskite cells to have a chance to conquer the world and gain recognition,” commented Olga Malinkiewicz, the SEO of Saule Technologies S.A.

As Olga Malinkiewicz highlights, certified energy conversion efficiencies for single-junction perovskite cells have already exceeded 26%, and for tandem devices 33%. According to estimates, by 2030, perovskite technology will account for 30% of the photovoltaic market coverage. Meanwhile, the latest Markets and Markets report “Perovskite Solar Cells Market 2024-28” indicates that the forecast size of the global perovskite photovoltaics market will increase from 250 million euros in 2024 to over 2.2 billion euros in 2028, which represents an annual growth rate of about 70%.

“As a shareholder of Saule Technologies, I believe that perovskite cell technology will play a very important role in the renewable energy market. That’s why we, among those most involved in its development, decided to find an investor who will help accelerate the commercialisation of the technology in the market. In this type of transaction, the interests of all shareholders must be taken into account. And since DC24 ASI has the most experience in this regard, we have authorised it to make key decisions in this matter,” asserts Dawid Zieliński, CEO of Columbus Energy S.A. and Member of the Supervisory Board of Saule Technologies S.A.

According to the agreement, during the transaction process, DC24 ASI expressed its intention to provide financing in the Saule Technologies Capital Group. Meanwhile, by April 19, an Extraordinary General Meeting of Saule Technologies will be held, during which the activities enabling the implementation of the agreement will be performed.

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