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Polish and Slovenian digital sector strengthens cooperation

BUSINESSPolish and Slovenian digital sector strengthens cooperation

The Digital Poland Association and the ICT Association of Slovenia signed a close cooperation agreement for the digital sector from Poland and Slovenia on Thursday, March 21. Both organizations will create a platform for companies from both countries to share knowledge and practices in the field of digital activities and engage in joint projects.

The agreement was officially signed in Planica, Slovenia in the presence of the Presidents of both countries – Poland’s Andrzej Duda and Slovenia’s Natasa Pirc Musar. The event took place as part of the Polish-Slovenian digital forum dedicated to cybersecurity and the development of artificial intelligence. The conference was organized jointly by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, SPRIT Slovenia, the Polish-Slovenian Business Club Triglav Rysy and the Digital Poland Association and the ICT Association of Slovenia.

Support for business in the field of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence

From the signed agreement, it is clear that both organizations will jointly engage in promoting digital transformation in both countries, as well as activities raising the digital skills of citizens of these countries. Digital Poland Association and ICT Association of Slovenia will also support the development of digital infrastructure and services. As highlighted by Michał Kanownik, president of Digital Poland, the collaboration aims to support innovation and competitiveness of digital companies operating in Poland and Slovenia. “The particular area in which Polish and Slovenian companies achieve measurable success is cybersecurity. We want to facilitate the exchange of experiences and practices in this area to strengthen their development. We also want to connect entrepreneurs from our countries working on solutions based on artificial intelligence, which is assuming a key role in the modern world,” says Michał Kanownik.

“The agreement is a major step in strengthening the digital partnership between Slovenia and Poland. Our collaboration will allow our industries to utilise each other’s strengths, share knowledge, and drive innovation on a larger scale,” emphasizes Igor Zorko, president of the ICT Association of Slovenia. “We are particularly excited about the possibilities of cooperation in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Slovenia has a large talent pool in these areas and by joining forces with Poland, we can more effectively develop these crucial areas in both countries. We believe that this partnership will bring new possibilities for the Slovenian and Polish digital sectors,” he added.

The Digital Poland Association and the ICT Association of Slovenia are part of the CEE Digital Coalition, a coalition of the digital industry from the Central and Eastern Europe region and Digital Europe, a European organization bringing together digital industry organizations from all over Europe.

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