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One2tribe Soars in 2023 with Nearly 43% Revenue Growth, Targets International Expansion with AI Focus

COMPANIESOne2tribe Soars in 2023 with Nearly 43% Revenue Growth, Targets International Expansion with AI Focus

The NewConnect-listed technology company One2tribe recorded almost PLN 13.4 million in net revenues in 2023, representing an increase of nearly 43% compared to the previous year. The company also significantly increased its EBITDA profit by 35% to PLN 2.3 million, with a profit of PLN 55,000 significantly influenced by the amortization resulting from the merger of companies. Based solely on signed contracts, the planned revenues of One2tribe in 2024 will be approximately PLN 11 million. The company is currently implementing paid pilot projects for large international firms with enormous potential for ongoing cooperation.

“The presented financial results demonstrate steady growth of our company based on the adopted business model. We have recorded significant increases in revenue as well as EBITDA, which is particularly important for tech companies like ours. The net profit was disturbed by the amount of amortization, which is a derivative of the multi-year expenditures on our technology platform Tribeware and the fair value acquired in the merger process from One2tribe Sp. z o.o. We are gradually building our technological advantage and attracting new clients with a significant focus on foreign expansion. Our goal is to deliver the financial assumptions of our development strategy, implying growth of at least 50% year-on-year by the end of 2024,” said Radosław Sosnowski, President of One2tribe SA. “This was the first year that we could demonstrate the value of the One2tribe business model, especially in comparison with historical results,” added Sosnowski.

One2tribe’s revenues are generated from several activity sectors, the central element of which is the innovative Tribeware platform, used to manage performance in large employee teams. Currently, over 80,000 users on seven markets use it, with the largest organization employing over 20,000 workers. Tribeware utilizes the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, enriched with elements of behavioral psychology and gameplay mechanics. In addition, the platform offers comprehensive support in motivational campaigns for users, bringing significant value for companies by precisely defining their goals and tasks and flexibly adapting to changes in market conditions. Employees, in turn, have the opportunity to develop their competencies with the platform’s support and are further motivated through rewards for completed tasks. Commissions from additional services, including the management of motivational campaigns, in addition to the SaaS model, are a key source of revenue for One2tribe.

Last year, One2tribe SA announced a new development strategy focused on the maximum use of artificial intelligence tools in all organizational processes and expansion into foreign markets. Financial goals for this year assume reaching 50% of Tribeware license sales revenues from international markets through an outbound campaign and increasing all the company’s revenues by 50%.

“The end of last year and the start of this year is a period of intensive work on launching new projects. We are carrying out pilot actions for large international companies, including a network of petrol stations, several retail chains, or contact centers. These are not signed contracts yet, so at this stage, we have not communicated our activities. Measuring the effects we have already achieved for potential clients, we see significant potential for conclusion. With the commencement of 2024, our backlog of revenues from existing contracts and agreements is at least PLN 11 million. Considering the size of the pilot projects alone, each new cooperation will significantly impact the company’s revenue,” comments Vice President Wojciech Ozimek.

One of the recent achievements is a new tool supporting coaches, educators, and managers in preparing training materials. This solution was launched in the Austrian branch of Sanofi.

“Our Tribeware platform is an extremely advanced product that has been supported by our AI tools for years. The recent technological leap has undoubtedly accelerated the effects of our work, but we have not changed our approach. Developing AI-based projects gives us a great advantage over the competition, and we want to use it wisely. The key at this moment is to increase the sales structure’s expenditure and promote the services and the product itself on international markets. We want to earmark substantial funds from additional financing for this purpose,” adds Wojciech Ozimek.

On March 18, the Warsaw Stock Exchange introduced 45,556,560 Series C shares of One2tribe S.A. to trading on the NewConnect market under a combination issue, comprising approximately 82.50% of all the company’s shares. The board will make every effort to ensure that the first trading day for these shares is determined as smoothly as possible.

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