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Network Perspective has secured 1 million PLN in funding from

COMPANIESNetwork Perspective has secured 1 million PLN in funding from

– Network Perspective from Wrocław has developed technology that supports companies in improving team efficiency through automated interpretation of collaboration habits. This is achieved using AI algorithms and an innovative method of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA).

– For product development — including synchronization with new data sources and the development of deep learning algorithms — the company has just received 1 million PLN from the venture capital fund. The goal is to provide companies with personalized and intelligent assistants to help work more efficiently.

Network Perspective is targeting international clients. It has entered the US market, where it has already implemented its solution in the Adaptavist Group, which employs over 1000 people, is a leading global partner of Atlassian, and supports more than half of the Fortune 500 companies. Polish technology has also convinced others including CD Projekt Red and Allegro. Among its previous investors is Ataraxy Ventures, founded among others by Maciej Noga, the founder of

According to Network Perspective’s calculations, just three months after using its proprietary technology, teams are 8% more productive, gaining even half a day per week for so-called deep work (e.g., coding for developers). Changes can be achieved even with thousands of people, which in terms of resources guarantees hundreds of thousands of hours saved annually. This is crucial because in the post-pandemic world, there is an increasing demand for new solutions and work models while optimizing employee engagement in repetitive and often unnecessary processes, which according to data from the Wrocław company consume even 70% of working time. Therefore, digital tools improving efficiency are worth their weight in gold. Improvements are sought in various fields: from remote recruitment and onboarding to maintaining relationships within the company and revising team collaboration experiences.

This latter area is exactly what Network Perspective has decided to address, focusing on supporting companies in the technology sector in Poland and increasingly emphasizing its presence in the USA. It is supported in this by the Wrocław-based fund, which has just invested 1 million PLN in the company.

– *Network Perspective is a unique project. Based on aggregated data, it allows verifying hypotheses that in technology companies, especially those employing more than 500 people, were previously only in the realm of intuition of team leaders. Network Perspective uncovers the causes, not just the symptoms of collaboration overload, and challenges in building relationships. Investing in the company is a result of our cooperation with the New York accelerator WEVE. The startup went through a verification process by US experts, which assumed participation in acceleration only for teams with potential for business development in the States. This provided valuable contacts, know-how, and an opportunity for effective expansion. This fact was not the only, but an important aspect of our investment decision* – says Magda Surowiec from the fund.

The capital received will be allocated to the development of the platform, currently consisting of three parts: data, intelligence, and actions.

– *In practice, this means, among other things, synchronization with new data sources, such as code repositories, and the development of deep learning algorithms and integration with LLMs (large language models) in the action area. We want to provide organizations with personalized and intelligent assistants that help work smarter and increase team efficiency* – explains Dr. Anita Zbieg, co-founder and CEO of Network Perspective.

The creators focus heavily on privacy protection, emphasizing a high level of security and data anonymization – metadata in flight is converted into a string of characters, without downloading content, and reports are created only at the team level.

Valuable Feedback

The startup’s technology analyzes metadata from IT systems (email, calendar, chats), effectively reconstructing the network of collaboration, and then provides leaders and their teams with regular collective feedback, benchmark values, and suggestions for actions and micro-automations, whose implementation measurably affects the quality of work. Analyzed are, among others, time spent on meetings, deep work, and so-called context switching, as well as bonds within and between teams. These analyses allow for improved communication, efficient and precise exchange of knowledge and experience within the company, and monitoring of workload levels and eliminating inefficient practices. Network Perspective estimates that for a company employing 1000 people, implementing the solution totals 12,000 days saved annually. – One can imagine that this is time equivalent to several dozen full-time jobs throughout the year – explain the founders who believe that global demand for their technology will grow.

Network Perspective can already boast a client from the USA. It’s the nearly 1000-employee Adaptavist Group, a global partner of Atlassian and supporting over half of the Fortune 500 companies. The Wrocław startup has also convinced others including CD Projekt Red and Allegro.

From Science to Business

The company was founded in 2020 in response to the growing need for transformation of companies towards hybrid and remote work models. The founders come from the world of science. Dr. Anita Zbieg, using her experience from a PhD in ONA (Organizational Network Analysis), has been working for over 10 years as an expert in network analysis and business collaboration patterns, supporting over the years organizations like the World Bank and Aspen Institute. The robust development of Network Perspective was also aided by the experience of the other co-founder, Dr. Błażej Żak, who has a history of creating technology in startups. His first tech business was created in 1998, with Extradom being his biggest technological success.

– *At Network Perspective, we address the needs of businesses looking for innovative ways to work with a focus on maximizing team efficiency. This trend is already clearly noticeable in leading technology companies, recognizing the need to analyze the dynamics of collaboration in areas such as allocation of time for meetings, context switching, or intense work* – emphasizes Dr. Błażej Żak and recalls an experiment conducted by Atlassian, which by introducing a time block for so-called deep work led to an increase in the achievement of weekly goals by 70% of employees.

– *Another example is Uber, which went a step further, adding the focus aspect to traditional performance metrics for all engineering teams. In our approach, we therefore fit perfectly into significant global trends related to the workspace. This is primarily the revision of experiences and habits of team collaboration and ensuring smooth and easy access to current data from various collaboration systems to increase team productivity. Our intelligent solutions are proven and fully automatic, which is why we can boast excellent client retention* – concludes Anita Zbieg.

The founders of the startup emphasize that the company is already close to achieving full profitability and has 100% retention both among clients and employees. It processes metadata describing millions of work hours and trillions of interactions, feeding intelligent algorithms developed in cooperation with Polish professors working in the field of artificial intelligence.

To date, through investment rounds and grants, Network Perspective has raised a total of 5 million PLN in funding. In the pre-seed round, Network Perspective was invested in by Ataraxy Ventures, founded, among others, by Maciej Noga, the founder of

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