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Data leak from Epic Games?

SECURITYData leak from Epic Games?

The hacker group Mogilevich have announced they are responsible for a data leak from Epic Games – a platform featuring games such as Fortnite, Fall Guys, Rocket League, amongst others. So what do we know at this moment?

Epic Games Data Leak – What Have the Hackers Accessed?

The group stated that they have gained access to 189 GB of Epic Games customer data. They claimed to have email addresses, usernames, passwords, payment information. A statement from Epic Games representatives is circulating online, in which they state that they are continually investigating the matter and currently there are no signs that a breach has occurred. A few days ago, we wrote about a data leak from the Marketplace that was initially not confirmed by Facebook. Ultimately, however, it turned out that data had indeed been stolen.

If it turns out that the data leak from Epic Games really did take place, it would be one of the biggest hacks of its kind in the history of gaming services, competing with Rockstar, which saw over 100 GB of data leaked in 2022.

The hacker group has set a deadline for Epic Games to take action. They stress that if they do not receive $15,000 by March 4, the information will be posted online.

What to Do After the Leak?

If you use Epic Games? It is advisable to change your login details for the service right now! Change your password wherever it was the same or similar. Also, the disclose of your email could result in an increase in unwanted messages – be wary when the sender poses as a bank or streaming platform (e.g., Netflix) and asks in a special form revealing your card details. Data leaks occur regularly. Unfortunately, as users, we have no way to prevent them. The most effective way to protect your data in such cases is to use strong, unique passwords – a minimum of a dozen characters. — advises Elwira Charmuszko, cybersecurity specialist.

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