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Every second person employed in the IT industry is looking for a new job

CAREERSEvery second person employed in the IT industry is looking for a new job

56% of Polish IT specialists are seeking a new employer, according to a study conducted by Just Join IT among nearly 1300 people in the tech industry. Their main motivations are professional development and the desire for better pay. At the same time, respondents believe that the job market last year was considerably tougher than before. 60% of those who did not change jobs cited the fear of employment instability, and 45% succumbed to the imposter syndrome.

Just Join IT – the largest job portal for the tech industry – conducted a survey examining the openness of IT specialists to job changes as well as the major motivations and obstacles in finding a new employer. The survey also asked about their assessment of the previous year from the candidates’ perspective.

IT Job Market in 2023: Fewer Offers from Recruiters and High Uncertainty

A report published in January 2024 by Just Join IT and Experis, “What’s with the El Dorado,” reveals that the IT job market in 2023 was not favorable for candidates: the number of job offers decreased by 26% compared to 2022, while the number of applications increased by 54%. In the latest survey of nearly 1300 people, almost 60% confirmed that it was harder to find a new IT job in 2023, and half declared they received fewer offers from recruiters. One in ten had to send over 100 CVs to secure a new job.

Despite a tougher market, 73% of IT industry workers were looking for a new job in 2023. Up to 80% of those who failed to do so still want to change employers. What motivates them? For 43% of respondents, the key reason for changing jobs is a lack of professional development. The same percentage declared they want to change jobs for better pay.

“The year 2024 will continue to present challenges for candidates seeking new jobs in the IT industry. Amidst such fierce competition in the market, the challenge for HR departments will be to adjust their recruitment strategy to effectively attract and retain the most valuable employees. Meanwhile, candidates will certainly need to distinguish themselves from the rest. Upskilling and reskilling will continue to be key,” comments Justyna Krzewska, HR Generalist at Just Join IT, RocketJobs.pl, and Hello HR.

4 in 10 IT Specialists Are Not Satisfied With Their Jobs, But Many Fear Change

Although the percentage of IT industry professionals looking to change jobs remains high, currently at 56%, many people refrain from making such changes, leaving them unhappy in their current position. What hurdles do they face? Over 60% of respondents cited the fear of job instability, while 45% said the market is still challenging. They also struggle with fear of the unknown (36.7% of responses).

Significantly, almost every other respondent said they fear failure, indicating the so-called imposter syndrome. According to EURES[1], a job placement office managed by the European Employment Office, this syndrome is a feeling of inadequacy experienced by many individuals, even when they achieve success in their field. It makes people feel undeserving of their accomplishments and not as talented as others. So, how should this be dealt with?

“Imposter syndrome is like a voice in our heads that constantly criticizes instead of cheers and supports. We can be very harsh on ourselves. If what ultimately hinders us from progressing is a feeling that we don’t deserve success, that’s an alarming signal. It’s essential to recognize our achievements and build awareness of our skills. It’s worth having a dialogue with our inner critic and ask, ‘What if everything goes exactly as I want it to?'” says Kinga Soska-Zwierzyńska from MindWell.

Just Join IT, through its “Mission Change” campaign in association with rocketjobs.pl, has prepared a series of materials under the label “Mission Change in IT” with the common hashtag #missionchangeinIT. The portal aims to educate about changes and boost the confidence of IT personnel in their abilities. As a part of this campaign, IT professionals can access numerous resources promoting skill development, including experts known as DevMentors who share their knowledge at conferences, meetups, through open-source code, and in online videos. “Mission Change” also offers a free e-book, “How to write a cool CV,” training with ChatGPT, and webinars and videos with psychologists from MindWell.

About the Survey

The survey was conducted in February 2024 by Just Join IT using the Computer Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI) method. There were 1279 participants, 90% of whom work in the IT industry, and 10% aspire to work in the sector.

[1] https://eures.europa.eu/four-golden-rules-deal-imposter-syndrome-workplace-2023-04-21_pl

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