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Temporary Prohibition in Border Zone with Belarus: New Regulation Effective June 13

SECURITYTemporary Prohibition in Border Zone with Belarus: New Regulation Effective June 13

The draft regulation by the Minister of the Interior and Administration regarding the introduction of a temporary prohibition on presence in a specified area within the border zone adjacent to the state border with the Republic of Belarus will implement a temporary ban for 90 days from the effective date of the regulation. The regulation will be signed on June 12 of this year and will come into force on Thursday, June 13 of this year.

As a result of inter-ministerial consultations and public consultations, including with local entrepreneurs and local government officials, comments and proposals regarding the project, particularly those concerning the reduction of the border zone area covered by the temporary prohibition, have been taken into account, and this zone has been reduced to the necessary minimum.

In the current draft regulation, the zone will cover a 60.67 km section of the border, located within the territorial range of the Border Guard Posts in Narewka, Białowieża, Dubicze Cerkiewne, and Czeremcha.

For a section of approximately 44 km, the area covered by the ban will extend 200 meters from the state border line. However, for a section of approximately 16 km, located in the area of nature reserves, the zone will be wider, extending about 2 km.

The proposed prohibited zone will generally not include towns and tourist trails, so the impact of the imposed restrictions will be minimized for residents, tourists, and other entities conducting professional activities.

The proposed solutions aim to ensure the safety of both bystanders and officers of the Police, Border Guard, and soldiers, as well as to limit the activities of smuggling groups facilitating illegal migration, by reducing the presence of bystanders in the area of official operations.

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