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The Commission to Investigate Russian and Belarusian Influences Has Begun Its Work

POLITICSThe Commission to Investigate Russian and Belarusian Influences Has Begun Its Work

Eleven independent experts have joined the commission investigating Russian and Belarusian influences, which began its work on Wednesday, June 5. The commission will be led by the head of the Military Counterintelligence Service, Gen. Jarosław Stróżyk. The experts will examine events from 2004 to 2024, focusing primarily on those impacting Poland’s current and future security.

We Must Effectively Counter Russian and Belarusian Influences

With the upcoming European Parliament elections determining Europe’s future direction, we must be particularly vigilant against foreign influences, mainly from Russia and Belarus, which aim to destabilize Poland and the continent.

The approaching elections, along with the following weeks and months, will be crucial for the next few years, if not decades, regarding security, including that of our country. The primary task of Western governments, in collaboration with politicians, companies, and research centers, will be to counteract the influences of hostile states using all available methods and technologies.

– said Prime Minister Donald Tusk at a press conference with the Minister of Justice, the Minister of the Interior and Administration, the Coordinator of Special Services, and the chairman of the commission, Gen. Jarosław Stróżyk.

Commission Focus and Public Concerns

The commission will focus on past events and those that have or may directly impact the present and future.

There have been many doubts in the public domain: the record coal imports from Russia under the PiS government, strange careers like that of Colonel Gaj, and issues not explained by services and the prosecution under the previous government. I’m referring here to the email scandal – added Minister of the Interior and Administration and Coordinator of Special Services Tomasz Siemoniak.

The first meeting of the commission took place on June 5.

Commission Inception and Organizational Efforts

The commission investigating Russian and Belarusian influences on internal security and the interests of the Republic of Poland was established on May 21 by an order of the Prime Minister. The chairman is the head of the Military Counterintelligence Service, Gen. Jarosław Stróżyk.

I wanted to thank General Stróżyk once again for deciding to lead this commission, ensuring full professionalism and real value in its work – said Donald Tusk.

The commission is hosted by the Ministry of Justice.

In the last few days, together with General Jarosław Stróżyk, the Ministry of Justice has undertaken very intensive organizational efforts to provide office space and organizational infrastructure, allowing the handling of classified information so that the commission could start its work. I believe we will ensure complete substantive and organizational support for the commission’s further actions – informed Minister of Justice Adam Bodnar.

The commission will cover the years 2004-2024. The first report will be prepared within 60 days from the start of the commission’s work, according to the order.

Ensuring Objectivity and Transparency

We are very keen, and the composition of this commission confirms it, that it remains free from any political or partisan temptations or intentions. It should provide state authorities and the public with reliable knowledge about past and present real threats from Russia and Belarus. We know for sure that these two countries and their services are the most active in Poland – emphasized the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister added that he would personally ensure that the commission’s work is not used in future presidential elections.

I also have personal reasons and experiences to monitor and warn everyone who would want to turn such matters into a tool for political struggle. Our main goal is to obtain useful knowledge for the state to counteract Russian and Belarusian influences on our internal security – declared Donald Tusk.

The commission will operate discreetly, without media hearings.

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