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Prime Minister Tusk and Microsoft’s Brad Smith Discuss Cybersecurity and Tech Initiatives

SECURITYPrime Minister Tusk and Microsoft’s Brad Smith Discuss Cybersecurity and Tech Initiatives

Security, Including Cybersecurity, Was the Main Topic of Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s Meeting with Brad Smith, Vice Chairman and President of Microsoft.

The government is focusing on combating disinformation and launching new technological projects. Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Brad Smith also discussed Microsoft’s role in supporting Ukraine during cyber attacks. Another significant commitment for Microsoft is supporting the development of the Polish AI Valley.

Cybersecurity and Counteracting Disinformation

In the face of growing geopolitical threats, it is crucial to strengthen the cybersecurity of institutions and citizens. Poland is exposed to disinformation attacks, so we must be vigilant and monitor cyberspace.

“We discussed with Microsoft the engagement of knowledge and technology and the need for political determination to prevent Russian influence on electoral processes, both in the United States, Europe, and Poland,” said Prime Minister Donald Tusk. “We also talked about using know-how to prevent Russian influence in terms of security. This includes not only cyberspace but also safe aviation, public systems, and disinformation,” he added.

Last week, the Polish Press Agency (PAP) website experienced a hacking attack, resulting in two fake news releases appearing on the agency’s site. The appropriate services immediately took up the case. Such incidents prove that reinforced efforts to increase resilience in cyberspace are needed more than ever.

“The case of the Polish Press Agency was a classic example of disinformation intended to destabilize the political situation in the country,” assessed Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

The government is working with the public-private sector to increase cybersecurity, especially in the upcoming European Parliament elections. The Safe Elections project, an initiative of the NASK Institute, supported by other organizations, allows for better responses to potential threats.

Artificial Intelligence to Support Cyber Warfare

Most AI tools struggle to detect the intricacies of the Polish language. Therefore, we are working on creating the Polish Large Language Universal Model, which will be a worldwide innovation. It will combine access to data, expertise, technical resources, and the know-how of academic and governmental units to support science and the economy.

Additionally, collaboration with Microsoft on AI projects will enhance our potential in new technologies.

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