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Ailleron Sues Bank Pekao for PLN 44.2 Million

COMPANIESAilleron Sues Bank Pekao for PLN 44.2 Million

Ailleron, a technology provider for the banking sector, has filed a lawsuit against Bank Pekao at the District Court in Warsaw, demanding payment of approximately PLN 44.2 million. These demands come from a contract that covered the implementation, launch, licensing, and support and development of an online banking platform for businesses.

The contract was signed in 2018, but in 2023, Ailleron decided to unilaterally terminate it. The company justified this decision by the months of fruitless discussions with the bank about modifying the contract, which ultimately led to the termination of cooperation. Ailleron was prepared for a potential legal dispute with the bank, which disagreed with the reasons for terminating the contract presented by Ailleron. Rafał Styczeń, CEO of Ailleron, also pointed out during a press conference the lack of payment for the first phase of the project.

Ailleron’s claims include:

– Payment for work done within the contract and orders placed based on it,
– An amount for the valorization (increase) of the lump sum remuneration for the work done,
– Payment for the additional work done beyond the initial scope of the contract.

Ailleron emphasizes that it maintains the will to amicably resolve the dispute with the bank.

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