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Thorium Space Unveils Strategic Achievements and Future Plans at Annual Presentation

COMPANIESThorium Space Unveils Strategic Achievements and Future Plans at Annual Presentation

On May 21, during the annual strategy and achievements presentation of Thorium Space, the company’s past accomplishments and upcoming business and R&D plans were showcased. During the event, Paweł Rymaszewski, the CEO, announced that while the company maintains its plans to go public, the current priority is finalizing a contract with a European commercial client for a large geostationary satellite.

The presentation took place at the Polish Army Museum, where Paweł Rymaszewski highlighted the company’s achievements and future business and R&D plans. Thorium Space has completed the construction of terminals, which are already operational, and has begun building its first geostationary payload. These successes have necessitated changes in the company’s structure, business model, and technical framework, including the expansion of their Warsaw laboratory and the creation of new sales and quality departments. Crucially, the company has adopted the procedures and standards set by the European Space Agency (ESA), enhancing its compatibility for projects with major space sector companies.

“We are offering a global proposition for the space market, including terminals but primarily payloads and telecommunication satellites built in collaboration with partners. Currently, we are finalizing negotiations with a European operator for an entire geostationary satellite in the Ku/Ka band,” stated Paweł Rymaszewski.

Thorium Space dedicates its offerings to clients in the government, defense, security, and critical infrastructure sectors, adhering to the “Satellite as a Service” model. This means offering a comprehensive service that includes terminals with connectivity. The company has received support from ESA and has started building a larger satellite with partners responsible for the platform.

“We have transitioned from the R&D phase to offering market-ready products, significantly changing our structure and future plans. This has made us a global player, the second-largest producer of such technology in Europe after France,” emphasized Rymaszewski.

Thorium Space maintains its plans to go public, but the priority now is finalizing the contract with a commercial client for a large geostationary satellite. “We continue on the path we announced, but with a slight delay as we complete negotiations with a commercial client for a large satellite with our entire payload. Our satellites have anti-jamming functions, interference localization, and flexible signal direction and service mixing capabilities, making them highly functional and attractive to operators. We are very close to achieving our goal,” added Paweł Rymaszewski.

The CEO also highlighted the company’s unique technologies, including active radar antennas and proprietary integrated circuits. Thorium Space is one of the few producers of its own integrated circuits and will soon introduce the second generation of its silicon. Paweł Rymaszewski also presented innovative satellite solutions and strategic development directions, positioning Thorium Space as a technological leader in the European space market, and emphasized the exceptional partnership with German OHB, currently Thorium Space’s largest and key business partner.

“With our partner OHB, we are looking broadly into the future. We share a common client with whom we are currently negotiating intensively. We are pleased to have met today at our special event, summarizing Thorium’s successes and plans, which we hope will also become successes,” explained Rymaszewski.

“Two years ago, we started our collaboration with Thorium, which continues to grow. We eagerly anticipate the development of the technology Thorium Space is working on and strive to support this development. I believe that what is happening now at Thorium is the right direction for further growth. There is a high demand for such technologies in the market, especially with the European IRIS^2 program. European government programs also urgently need new technological solutions,” concluded Dr. Kolja auf der Heide, Director of Future Programs Telecom & Productline SmallGEO, OHB Systems AG.

The event gathered numerous experts from the Polish space and security sectors, representatives from the Ministry of National Defense, Polish Armed Forces, Ministry of Development and Technology, defense industry, academia, and media. The event was under the patronage of Space24, Polska Zbrojna, and the Polish Space Agency POLSA.

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