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Selena ESG Rebrands to Selena Energy

COMPANIESSelena ESG Rebrands to Selena Energy

Selena ESG, part of the Selena Group—a global holding company specializing in the production and distribution of building chemicals—is rebranding to Selena Energy. The company’s mission is to support enterprises in their energy transformation, offering services such as photovoltaic (PV) installations, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle chargers.

Selena ESG, the predecessor of Selena Energy, was established in 2021. Initially, the company combined its existing expertise in professional solutions for building chemicals (such as those used in roofing constructions) with renewable energy solutions, particularly PV installations. The offering then significantly expanded to include customized PV solutions (such as lightweight structures for roofs with reduced load capacity and flexible panels), energy storage systems, car chargers, construction management, and comprehensive energy management systems for organizations.

“The core priority of our business development is energy-related issues: designing and building green energy generation sources, optimizing its consumption, producing our own energy from renewable sources for Selena Group’s needs, energy storage, and broadly understood electromobility. Therefore, we want the company name to be unequivocally associated with the main focus of our activities and soon become the go-to brand among companies supporting energy transformation processes in enterprises. Our development strategy and market actions have strengthened our belief that the new name will better align with the future direction. I am convinced that the new name, Selena Energy, will support us in building our position as an expert in energy optimization, renewable energy sources, and comprehensive energy transformation in enterprises,” says Wojciech Tyburski, President of the Management Board of Selena Energy.

It is also worth noting that Selena Energy’s solutions in PV installations, energy-efficient industrial roofs, energy storage and management, and electromobility help reduce energy costs, lower CO2 emissions, and minimize the carbon footprint.

“Polish enterprises currently face the need for effective energy transformation due to both business requirements and national and European regulations. At Selena Energy, we are fully aware of the importance and the business and environmental benefits of a well-implemented energy transformation. In the long term, broadly understood ‘green energy’ simply pays off for every company. Importantly, the new name, Selena Energy, reflects the spirit of our organization in terms of product offerings, communication, and workforce,” emphasizes Dr. Anna Dębowska, Sales and Marketing Director at Selena Energy.

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