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Pro-Russian Hackers Target Polish Transport Sector in DDoS Attacks: Experts Warn of Escalating Cyberwar

SECURITYPro-Russian Hackers Target Polish Transport Sector in DDoS Attacks: Experts Warn of Escalating Cyberwar

The pro-Russian hacktivist group NoName057(16) has once again carried out a series of DDoS attacks on Polish companies, according to a report by OSINT Check Point Software. The alleged revenge comes in response to the military and logistical support that Poland is providing Ukraine. According to the NoName group, their DDoS attack targets included Poland’s transportation sector, such as the Wielkopolska Motorway, Gdansk’s Transport Centre, and e-TOLL (toll road system in Poland). Waves of attacks also hit the Czech Republic, Belgium, and France.

“Hacktivist groups are using cyberspace as another battlefield, so organizations have to be especially careful and utilize the best security and preventative measures. Otherwise, similar attacks will become more common,” said Wojciech Głażewski, Director of Check Point Software Technologies in Poland.

The pro-Russian hacktivist group NoName057(16) has repeatedly attacked Polish companies with a new focus on the transport sector. Most of the attacks were DDoS, aimed at overloading the websites of select organizations, as noted in the OSINT report from Check Point.

As the experts emphasize, we’ve previously witnessed several similar actions directed towards Polish state organizations and key infrastructure companies. Similarly, NoName057(16) has conducted attacks worldwide, primarily for political reasons, and targeted countries providing support to Ukraine or not aligning with the Russian strategy are the usual targets.

NoName057(16) actively communicates via the Telegram platform, where it has over 6000 followers on its English language channel and over 61,000 on its main Russian language channel. The hackers boast about their attacks and aim to inspire other cybercriminals to join in the attacks. They even have a special group where fans join in DDoS attacks to increase pressure on selected targets. Interestingly enough, they even offer a financial reward for the most active.

“There’s been a cyberwar in cyberspace for some time now, accompanying the conflict in Ukraine. We’re currently witnessing Polish companies facing about 1050-1150 cyberattacks per week. Therefore, it’s crucial not to underestimate threats and to use the best available security technologies,” added Wojciech Głażewski from Check Point Software Technologies.

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