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Polmedi Group Secures Investment, Gears Up for International Expansion

COMPANIESPolmedi Group Secures Investment, Gears Up for International Expansion

Polmedi Group, in its current investment round, has gained a new partner, Aspironix Group, a recognized international provider of medical products and services. The funding, amounting to several hundred thousand euros, will allow the company access to global distribution networks, contact networks, and sales support, enabling it to develop much faster. The main short-term goal of this cooperation is the dissemination of the iWound system in Poland, with further plans aimed at international expansion. The key investment areas include team development. Additionally, Polmedi Group intends to close the current investment round at a valuation of no less than 8 million euros, aiming to raise up to 2 million euros by the end of the year.

The tech company Polmedi Group has acquired its first investor in the current investment round, which is raising funds for the development of wound treatment devices and the iWound telemedicine system. The new entity, formed from the merger of WARMIE and Polmedi, quickly gained the trust of Aspironix Group. This international provider of medical products and services, specializing in the treatment of chronic and post-surgical wounds, as well as aesthetic medicine, has pledged support of up to several hundred thousand euros.

“We have already received the first tranche of 100,000 euros. In addition, Aspironix Group actively utilizes its contact network to secure the remaining financing. We have secured an international industry investor specialized in our field of operation. This also gives us access to global distribution of goods, a network of contacts, and support throughout the sales process,” says Piotr Piątek, a board member of Polmedi Group.

Further funds for investment development will be raised in cooperation with Aspironix Group, ensuring proper company development and distribution of Polmedi Group’s products on the international market. Funding will be activated as progress is made on the wound treatment device and the iWound telemedicine application.

“Our solutions are costly. This year, we aim to raise about 2 million euros, which we will use to complete the work started. And there is a good chance that we will soon secure the rest of the missing funds. Advanced discussions with new partners are currently underway. We want to close the current investment round at a valuation of no less than 8 million euros,” adds Piątek.

The short-term main goal in cooperation with Aspironix Group is to increase the number of users of the iWound telemedicine system. This will be reflected in the company’s finances. In the long-term perspective, an expansion into foreign markets is planned, where key support will be provided by the international medical equipment distributor, operational since 2011. Aspironix’s actions cover the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland, and through its partners, other countries as well.

“Aspironix Group’s revenues are approaching 20 million euros. We believe in the innovative and value-creating nature of startups, which is why we invest in them. The Polmedi Group team has demonstrated a clear strategic direction and a solid business model that aligns with our investment philosophy. Promising clinical results and a scalable business approach give the potential for significant impact and growth of Polmedi Group,” comments Jiri Pavlicek, CEO of Aspironix Group.

Before the investor made a decision, it had been observing the development of the Polish company for a long time and was impressed by its work. According to Marcin Cieślak, another board member of Polmedi Group, the team’s extensive experience, readiness to expand into foreign markets, and a mature, tested product were likely decisive factors in initiating cooperation between the companies.

“In the short term, we expect to expand our market presence and improve Polmedi Group’s product offering. In the longer term, we expect the Polish company to become a European leader in wound care, driving innovation. This involves increasing reach and diversifying product lines,” explains the CEO of Aspironix Group.

The funds raised will be primarily used to expand the team. “We are currently recruiting for five positions in three areas: IT, sales, and customer service. We plan to complete the recruitment process by May of this year. At this stage, we plan to increase the team to about 15 people,” informs Marcin Cieślak.

Aspironix Group is open to the possibility of expanding cooperation through additional tranches of funds. To start a discussion on this topic, the Polish company would need to demonstrate significant progress in achieving initial goals, including sustainable growth, product development innovations, and a positive impact on healthcare outcomes. Moreover, a clear strategic plan for scaling solutions and entering new markets would be necessary.

“The conditions of any further investments will be assessed to ensure mutual benefits. The decision will be based on Polmedi Group’s results in relation to set goals, further alignment with our strategic vision, and the potential to create additional value in the healthcare ecosystem,” concludes Jiri Pavlicek from Aspironix Group.

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