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Polish Workers Embracing Career Change in 2024 Despite Economic Challenges

CAREERSPolish Workers Embracing Career Change in 2024 Despite Economic Challenges

As many as 80% of individuals, who participated in a survey conducted by, have declared their intent to take meaningful steps towards developing their career in 2024. They anticipate difficult challenges, but they believe in the need for bold action (a sentiment echoed by more than 8 out of 10 respondents). What causes this need for change in the professional field? It appears that the previous year was rated rather average in terms of work.

Key information:

– Only 4 out of 10 respondents rated their professional year in 2023 positively or very positively. 34% are of the opposite view.
– 56% of respondents believe that New Year’s resolutions can effectively motivate work change.
– 81% plan to take major career steps next year.
– 73% of New Year’s resolutions related to careers are about changing jobs.
– 65% anticipate challenges in the professional field resulting from the difficult economic situation.

Time to Act

The holiday season is a good time to consider one’s professional future, according to 3/4 of the employed individuals who participated in the survey. It’s also a good time for reflection over the past year. In a professional context, 4 out of 10 respondents view it positively. A similar proportion (34%), however, hold the very opposite view.

Only half of the participants felt that they had grown professionally in 2023, while 33% had no opinion on the matter. It’s therefore not surprising that respondents declare that 2024 will be the time for important decisions in their professional field.

However, the need for improvement in the professional situation is so strong among those surveyed by that as many as 8 in 10 believe that it is worth taking bold steps related to work this year.

Work-life Balance is More Valuable than Salary

Taking bold professional steps, especially in difficult macroeconomic conditions, requires sensible planning, making thoughtful decisions and, most importantly, strong motivation. 56% of respondents believe work-related New Year’s resolutions can help in finding it. 51% declare they have it. What are they about?

The most, as much as 73%, of New Year’s resolutions pertain to changing jobs. Second place is occupied by those related to professional development and acquiring new skills, promising that 55% of respondents.

Surprisingly, seeking a pay raise is only the fourth most common New Year’s work-related resolution – 35% of those who have such resolutions declare this.

2024 to be Full of Challenges?

65% of those surveyed by are approaching their job in 2024 with a positive attitude, but they are aware of the challenges that are looming. These are mainly related to the not too optimistic economic situation.

The expected difficulties, fortunately, do not discourage respondents from trying to advance their careers. On the contrary, it seems the need to improve the professional situation is so strong among the respondents, that as many as 81% of them plan to take significant steps in their career in 2024.

About the survey

The “Christmas Professional Plans” survey was conducted in November 2023 among 784 users of the service. The measurement was made using the CAWI method (professional Internet questionnaire). The purpose of the survey was to learn about the Christmas habits of companies and the holiday plans of working people related to Christmas, and their New Year’s resolutions concerning their careers.

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