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40% of Companies in the Energy and Utilities Sector Plan to Hire in the Third Quarter of 2024

CAREERS40% of Companies in the Energy and Utilities Sector Plan to Hire in the Third Quarter of 2024

Organizations in the energy and utilities sector are planning to expand their workforce in the coming months. In the third quarter, almost half of the companies in this sector aim to open new recruitments, driven in part by the development of green energy in our country. Meanwhile, 4 out of 10 employers do not anticipate any changes in their employment structure. These insights come from the latest “ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey,” where companies share their hiring plans for the upcoming months.

The ManpowerGroup publication indicates that in the third quarter of 2024, employers in the energy and utilities sector plan to strengthen their teams due to the dynamic development of this sector in Poland. The net employment outlook, a labor market barometer showing companies’ plans for hiring new staff, stands at +40%. This is the highest result among all eight analyzed sectors. This indicator has increased by 40 percentage points compared to last year’s analysis and is 14 percentage points higher compared to the second quarter of 2024.

“The drivers for increasing employment in the energy and utilities companies include growing investments in renewable energy sources (RES), which in turn increases the demand for candidates specializing in photovoltaics, wind energy, or green hydrogen. This is also a result of the modernization and expansion of infrastructure, with new projects requiring engineers, technicians, and project management specialists. The increase in demand for municipal services, driven by the development of cities and municipalities, also boosts the need for employees,” says Karolina Grula, labor market expert at Manpower. “The competitiveness of this market segment means that candidates can expect better salary conditions and work environments, as well as interesting, innovative projects. Stability of employment is also significant, as indicated by the low percentage of job cuts. The growth in employment forecasts reflects the dynamic development of the energy and utilities sector. Companies are keen to invest in this sector due to government support and programs promoting RES development and infrastructure modernization, as well as increasing ecological awareness, the need for sustainable development, and new technologies that enhance efficiency while reducing costs,” adds the expert.

What kind of employees do energy and utilities companies need now?

According to Karolina Grula, organizations operating in the renewable energy sector (RES) are looking for specialists with diverse technical, managerial, and analytical skills. “The most sought-after skills in the energy sector right now are, of course, technical skills, knowledge of the latest technologies, including those related to RES, process automation, as well as the design and maintenance of energy systems. Highly valued are also candidates who can efficiently analyze data, along with effective project and team management. However, we must not forget about soft skills such as communication, adaptability, and the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams. All these competencies are essential to meet the challenges of the rapidly developing renewable energy sector. In the near future, candidates can expect numerous job offers for positions such as specialists in designing and implementing photovoltaic and wind systems, energy system maintenance staff, project management specialists, investment coordinators, as well as analysts and process optimization specialists, or those involved in legal regulations and certification,” says the Manpower expert.

Energy & Utilities in the EMEA Region

The ManpowerGroup study also analyzes data on the recruitment plans of organizations in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region. According to the presented data, companies in the energy and utilities sector view the upcoming months with significantly more caution. The net employment outlook for the third quarter of 2024 in this sector stands at +10%. New recruitments are planned by 40% of organizations, 30% anticipate potential layoffs, and the same percentage of employers in the energy and utilities sector in the EMEA region plan to keep employment levels unchanged.

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