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Polish Military Gets Boost with FlyEye Drone Deliveries from WB Electronics

SECURITYPolish Military Gets Boost with FlyEye Drone Deliveries from WB Electronics

“This is an important moment and a great joy for the Polish Armed Forces, for the Ministry of National Defense, and primarily for the security of Poland. We are here at WB Electronics, the largest drone manufacturer in Europe. We are proud that today an agreement has been signed with a Polish drone manufacturer, a company that invests in development, technology, and the most modern discoveries. It focuses on Polish scientists, it relies on Polish engineers,” said Deputy Prime Minister W. Kosiniak-Kamysz during the signing ceremony for the delivery of drones to the Polish army.

On Wednesday, April 17th, at WB Electronics S.A., Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense, along with Paweł Bejda, State Secretary in the Ministry of National Defense, participated in the signing of the first executive contract for the delivery of FlyEye Unmanned Aerial Systems.

“A Polish company will produce drones for the Polish military. An executive contract has been signed. It fulfills the framework agreement, which includes about 400 sets. Today the first part gives a sense that this process is gaining momentum. The drones will be used among others by the Territorial Defense Forces – they are prepared for this, equipped with good equipment, but they also have specific skills. These drones are used for reconnaissance. (…) They are used today by the armed forces of Ukraine. This experience means that we have the most modern versions. They are constantly modified, improved with new experiences from the battlefield. Poland buys the best equipment. The Polish Armed Forces receive the best equipment in the most modern version that no one else uses,” said the head of the Ministry of National Defense.FLYEYE WB 2

The subject of the executive contract, concluded between the State Treasury – Armaments Agency and WB Electronics S.A., is the delivery to the Polish Armed Forces of 7 sets of FlyEye Unmanned Aerial Systems along with technical documentation and repair, logistical, and training packages.

“Reconnaissance is the basis of good planning. FlyEye serves to do this. More contracts will be signed this year. In the coming years, all these sets will be delivered to the Polish Armed Forces. I thank everyone who led to the signing of this agreement. (…) I thank the manufacturers for their huge commitment and conducting research for new discoveries and their implementation. I thank the Armaments Agency for working on the agreement,” emphasized the Vice Prime Minister.

The deliveries of unmanned systems in the latest developmental versions of the system will be completed by the end of this year. In November last year, the Polish Armed Forces received 5 modernized sets, which, under a contract from December 2022, the manufacturer upgraded to the FlyEye v 3.6 version. Improvements involved modifications to the navigation systems, strengthening the level of security, and integrating the UAS with the Automated Fire Control Set (ZZKO) TOPAZ.

“I thank everyone who contributed to the signing of this agreement. It is hard work on the part of Polish industry, it is hard work on the part of the WB Group. WB Group is a very serious armaments plant that supports the Polish Armed Forces. This cooperation is our joint success, but primarily the success of the Polish taxpayer, who pays hard money in taxes. Unmanned aerial systems are the future, so we will continue to develop our capabilities in this area. A drone component will be established in the Polish Armed Forces,” said Paweł Bejda, State Secretary in the Ministry of National Defense.

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