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ORLEN: Gdańsk refinery’s transshipment terminal is halfway complete

ENERGYORLEN: Gdańsk refinery's transshipment terminal is halfway complete

Construction of the transshipment terminal on the Dead Vistula river is progressing as planned and is already 50% complete. The investment will significantly strengthen the logistical capabilities of the Gdansk refinery and will eventually enable the transshipment of approximately 2 million tonnes of fuel products annually. The construction of a hydrocracking oil block, which will enhance the refinery’s crude oil processing capabilities and introduce new categories of advanced oil products, is being carried out simultaneously.

– As promised, we are investing in our Gdansk assets to ensure their long-term profitability and value growth in a dynamically changing business environment. The construction of the terminal on the Dead Vistula river will increase the supply of biocomponents for fuel production in line with EU regulations. At the same time, it will allow the Gdansk refinery to export second-generation base oils, the production of which will be possible thanks to the investment in the hydrocracking oil block. Its launch will open new markets for the Gdansk refinery and significantly improve its competitiveness – says Daniel Obajtek, ​​CEO of ORLEN.

The terminal’s construction, overseen by the Sopot-based NDI Group, is halfway complete. The percentage completion of individual tasks is approximately 60% for the terminal part and 50% for the refinery part. Thanks to the terminal, the Gdansk refinery will strengthen its logistical independence and gain an additional shipping route. The terminal’s transshipment capacity is projected to be around 2 million tonnes of products annually.

As part of the construction of the transshipment terminal on the Dead Vistula river, a quay with a length of 380 meters will be built. This will allow the servicing of maritime units with a cargo capacity of up to 10,000 tonnes. The quay will have two transshipment stations – each with four loading arms for handling tankers. The investment also includes pipelines, overpasses, and underground and auxiliary infrastructure that will connect the new terminal with the refinery.

The contract value for the terminal’s construction is approximately 500 million PLN. The investment started in January 2023 and its completion is planned for 2025.

Strictly related to the terminal is the construction of a hydrocracking oil block (HBO) undertaken by ORLEN. The investment will improve the economics of crude oil processing at the Gdansk refinery. The HBO will enable, among other things, the production of 400,000 tonnes of modern group II base oils and several tens of thousands of tonnes of fuel semi-products. Thanks to the terminal’s construction, the new, high-margin products produced in the HBO will be able to be shipped directly onto ships, which will further relieve the railway siding located at the plant site.

ORLEN also plans additional investments in the Gdansk refinery, including in modern, low- and zero-emission technologies. By the end of 2027, a facility producing low-emission hydrogen using a 1 MW electrolyzer will be built on the plant site. The investment will also include a 1 MW photovoltaic farm, an energy management system, and a waste heat recovery system.

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