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Nest Bank announces the introduction of N!Assistant based on Microsoft’s GPT-4 language model

TECHNOLOGYNest Bank announces the introduction of N!Assistant based on Microsoft's GPT-4 language model

Nest Bank has announced that it will soon launch N!Assistant – a feature set to revolutionize customer interaction with the bank. This will be an AI assistant, based on the GPT-4 language model provided by Microsoft. Thanks to this, Nest bank clients will be able to converse with the bank in natural language, commission smart analyses of their spending, and perform banking operations using voice communication. This will be the first implementation of such a solution by a Polish bank.

AI-backed banking

N!Assistant will be well versed in all things Nest Bank! It will offer guidance on how to handle specific bank-related tasks, and can also aid in managing personal finance. It will review your spending pace, give advice on whether you’ll manage your budget by month-end, and compute how much you need to set aside for an overseas trip. In the future, it will assist clients who have lost their payment card or wish to execute a bank transfer. The bank has stated that the range of functions available through N!Assistant will continue to expand.

Microsoft technology

In what way does N!Assistant differ from the traditional chatbots operating in banks for years? Unlike chatbots, one can converse with it like a fellow human, i.e., in natural language. It is an advanced and intelligent system based on the GPT-4 model, provided as part of the Azure OpenAI service. N!Assistant is skilled at understanding complex contexts and giving straightforward answers to complicated questions.

What can be expected from N!Assistant?N!ASSISTANT

N!Assistant will be available in Nest Bank’s mobile app, initially for selected clients. Nest Bank aims for it to meet the real needs of its clients and the eventual form it takes will be decided by its early users. Feedback and suggestions from them will be converted into specific functions, says Janusz Mieloszyk, Deputy CEO of Nest Bank.

Promise of “premium plus” quality daily banking

Nest Bank’s N!Assistant is said to mark the beginning of extensive changes in daily banking. They aim to be a market leader in offering high-quality services at a reasonable price. The GenAI enables them to provide service of a quality once only obtainable in the premium sector. They plan to surpass this quality standard because with GenAI, banking will become more intuitive and easier to use, according to Piotr Kowynia, CEO of Nest Bank.

Nest Bank powered by AI

According to Karolina Mitraszewska, Deputy CEO of Nest Bank, the first version of N!Assistant is the result of several months of work and begins a long journey. Its successive stages aim to adapt N!Assistant to the individual needs of their clients. N!Assistant isn’t Nest Bank’s first virtual assistant. For almost a year, they’ve had an assistant for employees implemented in the bank. This assistant helps in generating code, making internal regulations, translations, communication, etc. Nest Bank has also been one of the first companies worldwide to test the Copilot solution for Microsoft 365.

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