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Muszketeers Group Achieves Nearly 9% YoY Growth in Q1 2024, Intermarché and Bricomarché Lead the Way

COMPANIESMuszketeers Group Achieves Nearly 9% YoY Growth in Q1 2024, Intermarché and Bricomarché Lead the Way

Muszketeers Group reached a total turnover of nearly 2.4 billion PLN in the first quarter of 2024 across its Intermarché and Bricomarché networks, recording almost a 9% year-on-year growth. Both brands experienced dynamic sales increases and expanded their market reach.

Intermarché – Strong Sales Growth and Return to Expansion

The first months of this year were successful for Intermarché both commercially and in terms of resuming network expansion. From January to March, the brand’s turnover, including fuel stations, amounted to nearly 1.6 billion PLN, reflecting an 8.1% like-for-like growth year-on-year for Intermarché stores.

Intermarché re-entered its growth phase by opening three new outlets in Zielona Góra, the birthplace of Intermarché in Poland. More openings are planned for the third and fourth quarters of this year.

The first quarter saw active promotional efforts by Intermarché, including lowering regular prices on 400 products and launching a campaign with the MasterChef brand featuring a loyalty program and sponsorship of MasterChef Junior. The second edition of the “Interpoints” campaign, which allows customers to redeem valuable items with points earned from purchases, started in mid-March.

Intermarché continues its store “remodeling” efforts to the Power 2.0 concept, with three stores updated in Q1 and 20 more planned by year-end. Currently, there are nearly 400 self-checkout machines in Intermarché supermarkets, available in every second store.

The fuel market is also stabilizing, with Intermarché stations, leaders in the hypermarket sector, recording a 14% increase in sold liters. At least five new stations are planned for this year.

The network acquired two new entrepreneurs during this period, and three began training to open their Intermarché stores. Additionally, three stores changed ownership through sales transactions between entrepreneurs, and one supermarket transitioned from parents to children through succession.

Bricomarché – Record Openings and Double-Digit Sales Growth

Bricomarché significantly accelerated its development pace in the first quarter, opening over 40% of its planned stores for the year within three months. By the end of April, the plan was nearly 70% complete with 17 new supermarkets opened. This expansion pushed Bricomarché past the symbolic threshold of 200 outlets nationwide. The intensive expansion translated into sales growth, with a turnover exceeding 800 million PLN from January to March, marking a 15% year-on-year increase. This confirms the network’s 2024 development plan and long-term ambitions in the Polish DIY market.

An essential part of the strategy was the “Scan to Earn” loyalty campaign, which in April won the Loyalty Heroes award for the best new/relaunched loyalty program in Poland. The campaign effectively expanded the customer base for Bricomarché’s special loyalty program, with over 750,000 users by Q1 2024, positioning the network as a leader in effectively reaching customers with product communication.

Bricomarché continued supporting local communities, a core value of the network. In March 2024, the brand resumed its sponsorship of the “Our New Home” program, aiding Polish families in need of rapid housing improvements. Bricomarché also began collaborating with Bartosz Ostałowski, the world’s only professional driver who drives using only his feet, assisting in the renovation of his team’s workshop by supplying building and finishing materials.

The network acquired five new entrepreneurs and trained five more to open their Bricomarché stores. Additionally, one outlet changed ownership through a transaction between entrepreneurs.

Muszketeers’ Ambitious Plans for the Rest of 2024

In 2024, Muszketeers Group aims to exceed 11 billion PLN in turnover. “For Bricomarché, we strive to become the third player in the DIY industry in Poland. We plan to open at least 25 new supermarkets annually, which, combined with strong LFL growth dynamics, will bring us closer to this goal,” says Marc Dherment, General Manager of Muszketeers Group in Poland. “Regarding Intermarché, following network restructuring and further consolidation of our business model, we are resuming growth and aiming to become the favorite supermarket for Poles and the leader in this segment. We have already opened the first three outlets this year. We remain optimistic about the Polish retail market, intending to actively participate in its development and consolidation,” he adds.

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