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Lafarge Cement becomes Holcim Polska

COMPANIESLafarge Cement becomes Holcim Polska

On February 1, 2024, Lafarge Cement converted to Holcim Polska. This is another step in a transformation that emphasizes the company’s shift from being a producer of cement, aggregate, and concrete, to a producer of innovative and sustainable construction solutions. This implies an extension of the product offering from the foundation to the roof, and the company’s role as a leader in decarbonization and recycling in construction.

Lafarge, which has been part of the Holcim Group (formerly LafargeHolcim) since 2015, has been present on the Polish market since 1995, and today, as Holcim Polska, it employs 1800 people in more than 60 plants. The company produces basic construction materials such as cement, aggregates, and concrete as well as products and solutions that minimize the carbon footprint. It has also been investing in the decarbonization of production processes for years, as a result, overall emissions have been reduced by almost 400,000 tons of CO2 over the last four years.

“Lafarge’s transformation is a natural step in its development. By using the experience of the Polish team combined with Holcim’s know-how, we gain endless opportunities to offer solutions for construction from the foundation to the roof. The creation of one strong Holcim brand aligns the strategy, brand positioning and our offer,” says Xavier Guesnu, President of the Management Board of Holcim Poland.

Holcim Polska plans to implement technologies and solutions that will help expand its portfolio of products with a reduced carbon footprint, applicable at every stage of the building lifecycle, from design and construction to repair and renovation. These will include new low-emission cements from the ECOPlanet family, also for pre-fabrication, and in the near future also zero-emission cement thanks to an investment in carbon dioxide capture at the Kujawy Cement Plant. Additionally, the company will develop innovative flooring systems and a thermal insulation portfolio that will minimize heat loss in buildings. The company also intends to develop aggregates from ECOSource recycling, opening a new chapter in the circular economy for construction in Poland. All this is intended to build better, using fewer non-renewable natural resources and reducing CO2 emissions.

“The ongoing urbanization and climate changes increase the need to reduce CO2 emissions in construction, both in the production of materials, the construction process, the use of buildings, and finally the recycling of these materials and their reintroduction into circulation. This directly results from the assumptions of the European Green Deal and market expectations. Two things are most important to us: first, accelerating thermal modernization in Poland, by investing in solutions for energy loss reduction and CO2 reduction in buildings, on the other hand, we want to engage our partners, as well as designers or developers, to show the benefits of using low-emission solutions and those based on material recycling. Our transformation will help achieve these goals more effectively,” emphasizes Xavier Guesnu.

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