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Develia targets 8% increase in sales, maintains delivery level in 2024

COMPANIESDevelia targets 8% increase in sales, maintains delivery level in 2024

In 2024, Develia plans to sell between 2900 and 3100 residences, an increase of at least 8% from the numbers reached in 2023. The company aims to deliver 2700 to 2900 residences, maintaining a level similar to last year. Develia is also continuing its strategic execution in the commercial segment.

Develia’s targets for 2024 consist of selling between 2900 and 3100 apartments, and delivering 2700 to 2900 residences to their new owners. The number of scheduled residences for delivery this year comes from already initiated projects. The company plans a significant increase in deliveries in 2025, made possible by the full synergy from the acquisition of Polish companies Nexity. In response to the high demand for residences this year, the developer plans to add and start construction on 3500 to 3700 apartments, an increase of at least 22% compared to the previous year. Develia’s land bank has over 10,000 residences, allowing the company to execute more projects and respond to market situations.

“Last year, we achieved a record sale, securing buyers for 2674 residences and noticeably exceeding our goal for 2023. This year, we’re aiming even higher, intending to sell a minimum of 2900 residences to increase our market share. We plan to add a minimum of 3500 residences to our offer, hence significantly replenishing our offer due to the high sales in 2023, reducing our offer level at the end of the year,” says Andrzej Oślizło, CEO of Develia. “We’re continuing conversations with institutional investors and hope to sign an agreement for the completion of at least one co-living project. This aligns with one of our strategy goals, tying us to the realization of residential units for an institutional client,” adds Andrzej Oślizło.

The firm’s goal this year is also to prepare the Arkady Wrocławskie property for sale. In December 2023, Develia signed a preliminary sales agreement for the property, which includes the multipurpose building Arkady Wrocławskie, with Vastint Poland, a subsidiary of an international group investing in commercial properties. The net sales price has been fixed at 42.9 million euros.

“While meeting the terms of the preliminary agreement regarding Arkady Wrocławskie this year, we’ll focus on preparing the building for sale. We aim to finalize the transaction by the end of August 2025, which will allow us to hit the last strategic goal tied to the disinvestment of our commercial property portfolio.” – says Paweł Ruszczak, the Vice CEO of Develia. “Year 2023 was a record year for us not only in terms of sales but also the number of residences delivered, with a total of 2751 residences. This year, we plan to reach a comparable level, if not a slight increase. We’re expecting a bulk of deliveries in the fourth quarter, positively impacting the company’s financial results for the period. In 2024, one of our priorities is to achieve a ROE of a minimum of 15%, possible through the execution of projects guaranteeing satisfactory margins.” adds Paweł Ruszczak.

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