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Danish Better Energy with 236 MW in Polish portfolio

ENERGYDanish Better Energy with 236 MW in Polish portfolio

Better Energy, a company originating from Denmark and a leader in the Polish market for large-scale photovoltaic farms, has connected its latest investment in Krapkowice to the grid. Located in the Opole Voivodeship, the 28 MW photovoltaic farm is the company’s first installation in southern Poland. At present, the total power of Better Energy’s photovoltaic farms connected to the grid in Poland is 236 MW.

Krapkowice is the fifth large-scale photovoltaic installation by Better Energy in Poland. Last year, the company connected the Nidzica and Helenowo photovoltaic farms to the grid, both with a capacity of 74 MW. After connecting the fifth large-scale photovoltaic farm in Poland to the grid, Better Energy is focused on further growth and additional projects.

“We had a successful and intensive period at Better Energy, the latest example being the connection to the grid of the photovoltaic farm in Krapkowice. We are expanding our operations in southern Poland, offering green energy to entities that want to reduce their carbon footprint. I am pleased that, thanks to the local taxes paid by us, the photovoltaic farm will contribute to the development of Krapkowice and the faster transition of the Polish economy to green tracks,” said Łukasz Witkowski, Managing Director of Better Energy in Poland.

The pace of the development of photovoltaics puts Poland on the European podium. According to the Institute of Renewable Energy (IEO), the projected photovoltaic capacity in Poland by the end of the year could reach 18 GW, which should be contrasted with the potential record annual increase of 6 GW compared to 2022.

According to Better Energy, the successful development of photovoltaic projects is primarily due to dialogue with the local community, where efforts are made at an early stage to listen to the opinions of local authorities and residents. The company is developing this approach to implementing their projects and implementing additional solutions in terms of biodiversity or innovation. It draws support from the know-how gained from executing Better Energy’s largest photovoltaic installations in Denmark.

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