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ChatGPT Attacked by Anonymous Sudan and SkyNet

SECURITYChatGPT Attacked by Anonymous Sudan and SkyNet

The hacking groups Anonymous Sudan and SkyNet have carried out a cyber attack on OpenAI, a giant in generative artificial intelligence, causing disruptions in ChatGPT. The attack, carried out using a DDoS method, resulted in a service outage – announced Anonymous Sudan on their Telegram channel.

In a published post, the organization criticized OpenAI’s security measures, accusing them of poor protection and attributing the alleged attack to flaws in the Cloudflare security services. This is according to the information from the “official spokesperson” of Anonymous Sudan, who goes by the pseudonym Crush.

The cyber attack on ChatGPT was not a random act of cyber aggression. It was motivated by political reasons – Anonymous Sudan justified choosing OpenAI as a target, pointing to the company’s support for Israel in the face of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“Hacktivists often seek high-profile targets that they could attack to draw attention to themselves. In this case, Crush claims that groups attacked OpenAI because of the company’s support for Israel” – says Oded Vanunu, Director of Product Vulnerability at Check Point Software.

The operation of these groups goes beyond cyber warfare, as they demand specific actions from OpenAI, including the removal of manager Tala Brody, who serves as Head of the ChatGPT research platform. “The attacks will continue if the above issues are not resolved, especially the dismissal of Tala Brody” – announced Anonymous Sudan in a post. The group condemned OpenAI’s cooperation with Israel, highlighting Sam Altman’s interest in investing in the country as well as his meetings with Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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