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Can Europe Take the Lead in Supporting Ukraine?

SECURITYCan Europe Take the Lead in Supporting Ukraine?

Currently in Poland, on NATO’s Eastern Flank, and across Europe, many people are asking whether Europe will be able to support Ukraine with reduced or discontinued American aid. The outcome of this conflict is crucial for Europe, especially in protecting the Eastern and Northern Flanks—recently joined by Scandinavian countries, Sweden and Finland. Europe is now aware that it must take action. Fortunately, new initiatives are emerging in Europe, and there is a significant shift in the narrative—particularly in countries like France, but also Germany. Europe realizes what has been declared by the leaders of the Weimar Triangle—that supporting Ukraine and preventing Russia from winning in Ukraine is key to security in Europe.

“We see many actions—such as a large number of initiatives and political meetings within certain formats: the Weimar Triangle, the V4 Group, or the so-called Bucharest Nine,” said Maciej Matysiak, an expert at the Stratpoints Foundation and lecturer at ANS Gniezno, to the service “President Macron has radically changed his rhetoric from initially conciliatory, trying to persuade President Putin to cease actions. Today, his message is even more radical than many leaders on the Eastern Flank. He speaks clearly and distinctly that Russia cannot win—that we must supply weapons, ammunition, and financial resources. Unfortunately, some countries are governed by politicians and political forces that favor Russia. Hungary is the most active, but the situation is difficult in Slovakia, or in some European Union countries. In France, Marine Le Pen is a threat, and in Poland or other countries, there are extremist parties or pro-Russian movements. As a result, political will must transform into active executive action. There is a need to establish new production capabilities and enhance old ones in ammunition production, but also to change the approach to the defensive system that deters Russia. The situation in Ukraine is unstable, and if it falters, then the whole European part, especially the Eastern Flank, will face the necessity of deterring Russia from potential further actions,” warns Matysiak.

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