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Benefit Systems S.A. will acquire 18.53% of the shares in SmartLunch S.A.

COMPANIESBenefit Systems S.A. will acquire 18.53% of the shares in SmartLunch S.A.

Benefit Systems S.A., a company offering programs that support employee wellbeing, will acquire 18.53% of the shares in SmartLunch S.A., a company involved in organizing collective catering in medium and large enterprises. The transaction includes a non-financial contribution in the form of the company sp. z o.o., which, through the merger, will enhance the dynamically developing SmartLunch with its know-how and resources. The estimated value of the transaction is close to 60 million PLN.

“Healthy eating for employees and subsidizing meals is a promising segment of the non-wage benefits market. In 2022, we significantly enhanced our competencies in this area by acquiring shares in sp. z o.o. We are pleased that with this transaction we are strengthening SmartLunch’s capabilities while joining forces with a dynamically developing entity whose future goals in the area of nutritional employee benefits align with ours,” says Emilia Rogalewicz, a board member of Benefit Systems SA, adding, “We are convinced that SmartLunch is a company with potential, whose offerings will be an important element of the non-wage benefits package for employers across the country, and in time, those located in other markets as well.”

SmartLunch has been operating in the Polish market for a decade, offering employers comprehensive solutions for employee meals—from managing company canteens to optimizing nutritional processes. The company currently serves nearly 600 enterprises, meaning that over 120,000 employees use SmartLunch solutions. According to preliminary financial data, the company achieved revenues of 136.4 million PLN in 2023.

“When I founded SmartLunch in 2014, Benefit Systems was already a leader in the benefits market, offering the MultiSport card and promoting activity among employees. Over the decade, we achieved a leadership position in organizing subsidized meals for employees, becoming a promoter of eating culture at work. What unites us is the care for employee wellbeing, and I am even more pleased that Benefit Systems has become our investor. I am confident that the combination of our strengths will bring benefits to both sides. Through this cooperation, Benefit Systems will strengthen its position in the rapidly growing segment of nutritional benefits, and SmartLunch, by acquiring the company, will solidify its market position and gain even greater development opportunities in the Polish market, and potentially beyond,” says Mateusz Tałpasz, co-founder and president of SmartLunch.

The signed agreement includes an option for first refusal to purchase the remaining shares in SmartLunch in the coming years.

“The strategy implemented by Benefit Systems assumes that our offer will comprehensively support employee wellbeing in such fundamental areas as physical, mental, and healthy eating. We are actively developing the MultiLife program, expanding the capabilities of the MyBenefit platform, and consistently maintaining a high level of the MultiSport offering. Shares in SmartLunch and the guarantee of first refusal to acquire the remaining shares in the future strengthen our position in the segment of nutritional benefits for employees,” explains Emilia Rogalewicz.

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