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Toyota Motor Europe Reports 10% Sales Increase in Q1 2024

AUTOMOTIVEToyota Motor Europe Reports 10% Sales Increase in Q1 2024
  • Toyota Motor Europe (TME) sold 319,737 vehicles in Europe in the first three months of 2024
  • This represents a 10% increase. Market share now stands at 7.3% (+0.2 percentage points)
  • Toyota is the second most popular passenger car brand in Europe
  • Yaris Cross is the most frequently purchased Toyota model

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) had a successful start to 2024. In the first quarter, 319,737 vehicles were sold in the region, a 10% improvement over the same period last year. The company has increased its market share in Europe by 0.2 percentage points to 7.3%, and Toyota is now the second most popular passenger car brand.

Sales at the beginning of 2024 were driven by electrified models of Toyota and Lexus. Customers purchased 229,742 vehicles with zero or low-emission drivetrains in the first quarter, representing a 10% year-over-year increase. In Western Europe, including Poland, such vehicles account for 75% of all vehicles that left the showrooms of both brands. Across all of Europe, electrified cars account for 72% of TME’s sales.

“We are delighted to have maintained our upward trend at the start of 2024. We have a large order book for hybrids, plug-in hybrids, battery electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, confirming that customers appreciate our multifaceted approach to reducing carbon footprint and testifying to the strength of our products, brands, and the good work of our dealers,” said Matt Harrison, Chief Corporate Officer at Toyota Motor Europe.

Yaris Cross European Bestseller

Toyota customers in Europe purchased 300,577 vehicles in the first quarter of 2024, an 8% increase from January to March 2023. The most popular model during this period was the Yaris Cross, with 52,794 units of this urban crossover driven off dealership lots. The second most popular vehicle was the Corolla, available in Hatchback, Sedan, and TS Wagon body types, with 47,224 units sold. The Yaris was third (44,718 units), while the Toyota C-HR (31,299 units), Aygo X (26,260 units), and RAV4 (25,717 units) also enjoyed significant popularity in Europe.

Sales of Toyota’s electrified drivetrains grew by 7%, with 211,737 such vehicles sold. The most popular models in this category are the Yaris Cross Hybrid (49,186 units), Corolla Hybrid (41,000 units), Yaris Hybrid (39,410 units), Toyota C-HR Hybrid (30,274 units), and RAV4 Hybrid/Plug-in Hybrid (24,327 units).

In Western Europe (including Poland), electrified Toyotas make up 75% of sales. In Eastern Europe and in countries like Israel, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan, 52% of new Toyota vehicles sold were electrified.

22% Growth for Toyota Professional

At the start of 2024, the Toyota Professional brand strengthened its position. From January to March, 40,852 vehicles were sold, a 22% increase from the previous year. The most popular model was the Hilux (16,873 units), with sales up by 15%. For the PROACE CITY model (15,881 units), sales increased by a whopping 40%, while sales of the PROACE model (8,098 units) grew by 7%.

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