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Russian hackers once again attack Poland’s infrastructure

SECURITYRussian hackers once again attack Poland's infrastructure

The Russian-connected group of hacktivists, NoName057(16), continues to attempt to destabilize the functioning of our country ahead of upcoming local elections. Yesterday’s DDoS attack was related to the protest of taxi drivers and primarily targeted critical infrastructure companies – motorway toll systems, ticketing, the mPay parking system, e-TOLL freeway tolls, and Gdansk Transport Companies. This was reported in the OSINT report by analysts from Check Point Research.

NoName057 (16) justifies their attacks as retribution for the military and logistical support our country provides to Ukraine.

“The aim of Russian groups is to disrupt the smooth operation of public institutions and increase anxiety in Poland as an active partner supporting Ukraine during the war”, commented Wojciech Głażewski, country manager of Check Point Software Technologies in Poland, on previous attack attempts.

NoName057(16) is a group of hackers supported by the government of the Russian Federation. They actively communicate via the Telegram platform, where they have over 6,000 followers on their English-language channel and over 61,000 on their main Russian-language channel. The hackers brag about their attacks and aim to inspire other cybercriminals to join in the attacks.

“A cyber war has been going on for some time in cyberspace, accompanying the conflict in Ukraine. Recently, we have seen that Polish companies are currently facing about 1050-1150 cyber attacks weekly. Therefore, it is crucial not to neglect threats and use the best available security technologies,” adds Wojciech Głażewski.

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