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AI Revolutionizes App Development: 70% Built with No-Code by 2025

TECHNOLOGYAI Revolutionizes App Development: 70% Built with No-Code by 2025

By 2025, 70 percent of new applications created by businesses will be developed using low-code or no-code methodologies, according to Gartner data. The trending combination of no-code platforms with artificial intelligence can bring not only financial savings but also accelerate the application deployment time, enhancing market competitiveness.

Creating applications in a no-code methodology is a modern approach designed to speed up their development. Unlike traditional coding, these solutions use the “drag & drop” method, reminiscent of assembling puzzles, and cuts the software creation time in half. By using prepared visual elements such as tables, lists, or graphs, even individuals with no programming knowledge can quickly design and deploy applications of varying degrees of complexity.

No programming means faster deployments and lower costs

Thanks to no-code platforms, businesses can tailor digital solutions to their business strategy, not vice versa. Low-code methods can be used to create applications best suited to the nature of the company.

– “No-code enables faster digitization of different processes in the company, reducing programming time by even 90%. Many applications, which implementation using traditional coding methods would take several years, can be launched in a matter of weeks. By reducing the time needed to introduce applications into use, companies can increase their value by as much as 4.4 million USD.” – points out Andie Dovgan, Chief Growth Officer at Creatio.

The use of artificial intelligence in no-code platforms further facilitates and accelerates the creation of applications. Particularly helpful is generative artificial intelligence, or GenAI. It enables faster data analysis, decision making, and automation of time-consuming tasks previously performed by employees. Major global analytics centers, such as Goldman Sachs and McKinsey, estimate that AI could automate up to 40 percent of business operations in companies.

– “An example of a tool that expanded the no-code application creation platform with generative artificial intelligence mechanisms is Creatio Copilot. It is a virtual assistant that will help companies improve application creation. Thanks to this function, even more processes can be automated, without the need for manual coding” – explains Andie Dovgan.

Which industries will benefit from no-code and GenAI?

The combination of GenAI and no-code applied in Creatio Copilot solution can have many usages. However, the most profound impact of GenAI can be observed in the software development, sales, marketing, and service industries.

– “When creating an application using no-code, you can ask the chatbot in Copilot Studio, based on GenAI, to analyze sales, summarize results, and draw conclusions that can be used during a conversation with a customer. Generative artificial intelligence can also plan marketing campaigns, prepare communication templates, and select target communication groups. Meanwhile, customer service staff can ask GenAI to create messages for dissatisfied customers, taking their expectations into account. All these actions will be performed automatically, without writing a line of code” – indicates Andie Dovgan.

The combination of generative artificial intelligence and no-code technology gives companies the freedom to create and modify applications according to their needs. It also streamlines decision-making processes, facilitates data analysis, and suggests steps to achieve optimal results. The use of GenAI in no-code platforms can give companies an edge and help them stand out in the market.

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