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Prime Minister Donald Tusk Announces €300 Million Investment for Poland’s “Iron Dome” Project

POLITICSPrime Minister Donald Tusk Announces €300 Million Investment for Poland's "Iron Dome" Project

Prime Minister Donald Tusk met in Warsaw with the President of the European Investment Bank, Nadia Calvino. Over the 20 years of our EU membership, the bank has invested €100 billion in our country. Donald Tusk announced additional funds for Poland – €300 million, which we will allocate to the construction of the so-called Iron Dome.

During her visit to Warsaw, European Investment Bank President Nadia Calvino stated that the Bank has created “a special plan to support the European security and defense sector.”

– It concerns military mobility, drones, research and development, as well as special systems to counteract disruptions. This is a very important issue – space policy. The entire range of investments will contribute to peace and security in Europe, said Nadia Calvino.

Poland signed an agreement today concerning a satellite program in cooperation with France. The Prime Minister emphasized that the presence of the EIB in this investment is invaluable.

– We are talking about €300 million, a substantial amount, thanks to which our plan to build the “Iron Dome” over Poland and Europe has moved one step forward – conveyed Donald Tusk.

The Prime Minister announced that, along with other European heads of government, he will present this initiative in the coming days.

– We will present it to the current and future European Commission, and to the current and future European Council. This way, the idea of this pan-European air defense becomes less of a dream and more of a realistic, practical plan – added Donald Tusk.

Satellite and reconnaissance systems will be an essential part of this project.

Since Poland joined the European Union, the European Investment Bank has invested significant resources in our country.

– I am very grateful for everything we have achieved together so far. The Bank, led by President Nadia Calvino, has invested €100 billion in our country since we began our European journey – emphasized the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that cooperation with the EIB has been of enormous significance for Poland.

– We in Poland are aware of how much we owe to this cooperation, how visible these positive changes are in many places across our Homeland – added Donald Tusk.

The funds Poland has obtained from the EIB over the past 20 years have resulted in many investments that we benefit from every day.

– The Bank has invested nearly €100 billion in Poland. This means financing for roads, energy transformation, and specific projects such as Baltic Power. This is Poland’s first offshore wind farm and one of the largest in the world. Also, the second metro line in Warsaw or the new pedestrian bridge. Of course, it also includes railways and highways throughout Poland – listed EIB President Nadia Calvino.

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