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Polish Public Holds Politicians and Influencers in Low Regard, Prize Medical Professionals

CAREERSPolish Public Holds Politicians and Influencers in Low Regard, Prize Medical Professionals

Jobs related to politics do not enjoy popularity in Poland – according to the latest No Fluff Jobs report “Ranking of Occupations 2024. How Polish Women and Men value selected Professions?” 86% of respondents believe that politicians are paid too much and 70% have negative associations with the profession. In the opinion of 39%, the profession has little significance for society. The most respected professions are in the medical field – doctors and nurses – which also occupy high places on the list of professions believed to be underpaid.

Polish people don’t have much respect for the professions of politician and influencer, as evidenced in the latest report “Ranking of Occupations 2024. How Polish Women and Men Value Selected Professions?” by No Fluff Jobs, a Polish job posting website that has been setting recruitment standards for a decade. A whopping 86% of respondents believe politicians are paid too much and 69% believe influencers are overcompensated. Lawyers are considered the third most overpaid occupation, according to 54% of respondents. Athletes came in just behind in fourth place, with 45% of respondents believing they’re overcompensated.

Although these professions theoretically should be associated with influencing society, 61% of those surveyed believe that the profession of influencer has little social significance. 39% of respondents feel the same way about politicians. Marketing specialists come in third place, with 29% of responses.

Professions with the most significant social impact are the worst-paid

According to respondents, the most appropriately paid jobs are primarily in accounting (60% of responses), sales representative (56%), and programming (52%). In the opinion of the largest number of people, nurses (65% of responses), farmers (59%), and teachers (54%) are underpaid.

“IT programmers, and others who work in technology, often do unseen work that greatly simplifies our lives. Thanks to IT teams’ work during the pandemic, we were able to successfully transition to a virtual world. We owe them for such convenience as easy access to online medical consultations, quick medical paperwork processing, online payments, and the ability to handle administrative matters online without queueing. The societal impact of work in programming, although invisible at first glance, is invaluable and will continue to grow as technology develops,” comments Tomasz Bujok, CEO of No Fluff Jobs.

The group of professions paid too low, according to the greatest number of respondents, partially overlaps with those considered the most important in terms of their impact on society. Here, doctors come in first place, with 80% of respondents, closely followed by nurses (75%) and teachers (54%).

The professions which evoke the most sympathy are in the medical and…agricultural fields

Polish people empathize the most with medical professionals. The nursing profession elicits positive associations for 71% of respondents, and the medical profession for 66% of respondents. Nearly as many respondents admire farmers (63%). The least respected professions are related to politics (70% of responses) and influencing (54%). Police officers come in third place, but with much lower numbers (22%).

No Fluff Jobs also asked respondents which gender they think dominates various professions. It turns out that as many as 88% of Polish people perceive the medical profession as gender-neutral, whereas, according to GUS data, almost 60% of those practicing it are women. The situation is similar for teachers, which 67% of respondents see as gender-neutral, while over 80% are women. The most ‘male’ profession, according to the highest number of respondents, is farming – 52% think men dominate here. The next occupations believed to be male-dominated are police work (46%) and programming (39%).

The No Fluff Jobs report was based on a DIY survey conducted on the Omnisurv by IQS platform between 12-14 January 2024 (CAWI). The survey was conducted on a representative sample of 1000 employed, professionally active Polish women and men aged 18-64.

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