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Patrycja Rogowska-Tomaszycka Returns to Provident Polska’s Board as Corporate Director

COMPANIESPatrycja Rogowska-Tomaszycka Returns to Provident Polska's Board as Corporate Director

After a year and a half of working outside the company’s structure, Patrycja Rogowska-Tomaszycka returns to her role as a Board Member and Corporate Director at Provident Polska.

Since November 2022, Rogowska-Tomaszycka has focused on running her own business related to the agricultural industry, and was additionally involved in providing strategic support for several institutions operating in the Polish market.

She joined the company in 2012 and was tasked with creating a corporate division that was to combine four areas: public relations, public affairs, CSR, and internal communication. Prior to this, she worked in the legal department of the Confederation of Leviathan, where she was responsible for managing legislative projects, including those for the financial, tobacco, and media industries.

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