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JNT Group Acquires Majority Stake in Romanian Winery DOMENIILE BOIERU SRL, Aims to Develop Transylvanian Wines Globally

COMPANIESJNT Group Acquires Majority Stake in Romanian Winery DOMENIILE BOIERU SRL, Aims to Develop Transylvanian Wines Globally

On March 21, in Bucharest, a conditional agreement from December 20, 2023 led to the completion of a transaction that saw the acquisition of a majority stake in the Romanian company DOMENIILE BOIERU SRL by JNT Group from Dobron, one of the largest producer and distributor of wines in Poland. JNT Group has started building a strong wine entity in the Romanian market and also plans to develop the distribution of Romanian wines in international markets and in Poland.

JNT Group has been operating in international markets for many years. Its export model relies on direct distribution of its wines to retail networks through a representative of the company employed in the given country. In Romania however, JNT Group adopted a different business model. Last year, the company opened a new subsidiary in Romania called Magna Wines SRL and plans to build its position by investing in more entities, creating new market segments, and developing those with the most potential. The company also aims to strengthen the position of Romanian wines globally.

“Romania is one of our strategic directions for growth in international markets. It is a wine region with a tradition, powerful, with huge development opportunities, which has not yet been appreciated in global markets. It’s time to change that,” says Jakub Nowak, CEO of JNT Group. “We invested in this market segment because we deeply believe in the potential of wines from Transylvania due to their excellent quality to price ratio. We want to be their ambassador on the international stage.”

JNT Group started enhancing awareness of Transylvanian wines in the Polish market. Over the past two years, the company has sold nearly a million bottles and is currently the largest importer of Romanian wines in Poland, aiming to position these wines in many European countries. Currently, the export of Romanian wines constitutes less than 5%, and JNT Group plans to leverage its position to increase its shares. Wines from Transylvania are already available in the largest Polish retail chains, and their sales are accompanied by an information campaign.

“We are convinced that we will build a strong position for this segment of the wine market, and the actions taken will enable its development for many years. We will use our experiences and the potential of the JNT Group to build the availability of Transylvanian wine in other foreign markets as well,” Nowak explains. “In turn, our strategic plans for the Romanian market in the long term involve, among other things, building on our Polish experiences in the category of mulled wines, where we have been the leader in the country for many years, and also developing the category of flavored wines.”

The purchased company, DOMENILE BOIERU SRL, includes among other things 200 hectares of vineyards in Ciumbrud and Sebes in Transylvania, as well as a compact production plant with a capacity of 2.9 million liters. DOMENILE BOIERU SRL and the JNT Group-owned Magna Wines will now merge.

“The purchase of DOMENILE BOIERU SRL brings synergy on many levels of our operations. On one hand, we plan to develop Transylvanian wines on the global market. On the other, we will use our experiences from Poland in segments that are just emerging in the Romanian market, such as mulled wines and flavored wines. We want to create trends and build new market segments,” summarizes Jakub Nowak.

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