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ORLEN Group and Northland Join Forces for Offshore Wind Farms Management

ENERGYORLEN Group and Northland Join Forces for Offshore Wind Farms Management

Energa Wytwarzanie, a company from ORLEN Group, and Northland Power have established Baltic Offshore Service Solution. This will be the first consortium in Poland to offer comprehensive management services for offshore wind farms.

The new company will provide specialized service solutions for the offshore wind energy sector, regarding technical, operational, commercial, and contractual aspects. The company will also be responsible for the operation of the 24/7 Offshore Wind Farm Management Center planned by the ORLEN Group. This unit will oversee the control, monitoring, and coordination of offshore assets.

“Offshore wind energy is an opportunity for profound transformations in our power system, but also for the development of new sectors of the economy. We are already implementing the Baltic Power project and we have plans for investments in 5 more concessions, which are being developed by ORLEN Neptun. The potential of offshore energy across the entire Baltic is estimated at over 90 GW, which means that investments in this area will be increasing. As the ORLEN Group, we want to take advantage of business opportunities that arise during the preparation and operation of subsequent wind farms. We will utilize the knowledge we have already acquired from operating onshore investments, supported by the experience of our partner, one of the world’s leaders in the offshore wind industry,” said Jarosław Dybowski, Executive Director for Energy ORLEN.

The newly established company will utilize the expertise of Energa Wytwarzanie, which has been maintaining onshore Renewable Energy Sources (RES) assets for 15 years and has 6 wind farms with a total capacity of about 244 MW in its portfolio. This company is responsible for the maintenance of individual elements of wind farms, ensuring technical efficiency and availability of machines and power equipment, as well as for conducting technical inspections.

Northland is one of the most experienced companies in the offshore wind energy sector worldwide. The company owns or has stakes in power sources with an installed capacity of 3.4 GW (net 2.9 GW). Northland manages both onshore renewable energy sources and offshore wind farms in North America and Europe, reaching a total annual energy production surpassing 10,000 GWh. ORLEN Group and Northland are jointly implementing the Baltic Power offshore wind farm project, with a capacity of up to 1.2 GW, which will commence clean energy production in 2026.

Offshore wind energy is one of the pillars of ORLEN2030 strategy. The ORLEN Group will have 9 GW of installed capacity in renewable energy sources by the end of the decade, including offshore wind farms. The Baltic Sea offers excellent conditions for wind energy development, including favorable wind conditions, low salinity, and relatively shallow waters.

Energa Wytwarzanie is a subsidiary of Energa (ORLEN Group) that operates in the field of electricity generation from RES and provides system services. The company operates, among others, the country’s largest run-of-river power plant in Włocławek and 44 small hydro power plants, primarily located in northern Poland.

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