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Ailleron Partners with Swiss Leasing Association to Drive Digital Transformation in the DACH Region

COMPANIESAilleron Partners with Swiss Leasing Association to Drive Digital Transformation in the DACH Region

Ailleron, listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), has initiated a collaboration with the Swiss Leasing Association (Schweizerischer Leasingverband – SLV), which covers up to 80% of the local market. Ailleron will support Swiss leasing companies in their digital transformation by streamlining and automating the leasing process with advanced software. This collaboration with SLV is a strategic move and a milestone for Ailleron in expanding its presence in the DACH region, further solidifying its position as an expert in the leasing industry. This partnership marks another step in building the company’s international reach.

Membership in SLV is a significant step that will enable the Polish company to create technological solutions for the leasing industry, anticipating the dynamically changing needs of customers and participants in the entire innovative leasing ecosystem. Ailleron is consistently building a reputation as a trusted expert in the financial market. The collaboration with SLV will facilitate Ailleron’s tracking of industry trends, regulatory changes, and new challenges in the Swiss leasing market, as well as various joint initiatives.

Ailleron’s membership in prestigious leasing associations across Europe highlights its commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of local markets. Through memberships in leasing associations in Poland, Austria, and Germany, Ailleron continues to promote best practices and develop industry standards.

Ailleron places great importance on the DACH market, striving to gain practical insights into the local challenges and needs of leasing companies and their clients. This focus is evident in the company’s strategic decisions, including opening an office in Austria and expanding its customer base in the region. Local presence brings Ailleron closer to its clients, offering tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements of the market.

– “What I value most about membership in leasing associations is the partnership discussions, Ailleron’s presence at key events in those countries, the ability to understand local challenges, and face them together with our clients. Our multi-channel leasing software solutions streamline the leasing customer’s journey while equipping leasing companies with modern tools to increase sales volume and provide fully automated customer service. These solutions aim to drive digital transformation in leasing companies, enabling them to manage their portfolios more efficiently,” said Kamil Portka, General Manager of LeaseTech Ailleron.

Ailleron’s IT solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of the financial industry. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Ailleron ensures that financial organizations can offer smooth and efficient customer service. For example, leasing customers with a self-service portal can manage their accounts, track their leasing contracts, and access necessary information at any time, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Other Ailleron products enhance efficiency, “freeing” sales teams for more valuable tasks and streamlining comprehensive quoting processes. Ultimately, leasing organizations can scale their operations to a massive e-commerce level.

With innovative solutions and a customer-focused approach, Ailleron continues to lead in digital leasing transformation, helping companies streamline their operations and improve customer service quality.

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