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AI to dominate the IT market in 2024

TECHNOLOGYAI to dominate the IT market in 2024

In 2024, the global IT market is awaiting novelties in the AI sector. Every provider and major player in the market is promising the development of this technology. As shown by the examples from OpenAI and Microsoft, a lot is also happening in the job market in this field. The fight for the top specialists has already begun. We saw this in the context of the rapid story of the resignation and departure of President Sam Altman, who shortly after appeared at the head of the AI team at Microsoft, and then returned “in shield” to OpenAI with a new management board. This story shows that even at the head of world giants, negotiations are taking place and new directions are being set for the development of artificial intelligence.

In the context of the job market, many specialists are worried about losing their jobs and being replaced by artificial intelligence. It will be difficult to avoid this completely, but I believe that people will find work in other areas of the economy. Industries at risk of replacing employees with artificial intelligence include marketing, as well as telephone and remote customer service. In the context of HR departments and work in IT, we will certainly deal with the development of “body leasing”. The hiring of employees, and even entire departments, became extremely popular already in 2023.

In my opinion, building stable and competent teams in IT companies will play an important role in the coming year. I already see the need for contact with consultants and physical presence at our clients, which often gives a better opportunity to understand and feel the business.

New markets will be gained by the broader implementation of IoT technology, which is used in production and industry. Automation and process management through remote devices are the future of optimization and cost reduction in many companies.

In my opinion, and that of many world experts, Google is likely to cause a stir. It’s about its new quantum computer, which according to announcements, has a power of 70 qubits and is 241 million times faster than a traditional supercomputer. Combined capabilities of greater computational power and AI will be huge. It’s a bit like the movie Limitless, only instead of a pill causing unlimited possibilities of the human mind, we will have a computer capable of almost anything.

We are facing very exciting months and years to come, but IT is positioning itself as the leading industry driving humanity forward. We have known this for years, but only now do we physically feel how technology is changing the world. The pandemic showed this, where everyone wanted mobility and access to the Internet, and now artificial intelligence is showing this by supporting most business areas. Of course, AI can not be approached mindlessly. It is necessary to give it ethical borders and define its functioning limits. We have the technology, now we need to take care of the layer of philosophy and ethics.

Piotr Kawecki, President of the Board of ITBoom Sp. z o.o.

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