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Agio Smart Money FIZ increased its share in the registered capital of DRAGO to 13.69 percent

COMPANIESAgio Smart Money FIZ increased its share in the registered capital of DRAGO to 13.69 percent

The largest authorial project from DRAGO Entertainment, a listed video game producer and publisher, titled ‘Winter Survival’, is enjoying increased interest from players ahead of its global premiere. The game’s wishlist has already exceeded 200,000 sign-ups on the Steam platform, a result of the recently published preliminary demo version. The official premiere of the new demo took place on February 5 during the Steam Next Fest. The debut in the Early Access version is set for February 28.

DRAGO’s popularity is also visible in the capital market, confirmed by recent company quotes and turnover, and the further increase of the Agio Smart Money FIZ’s stake in the share capital.. Paweł Sugalski’s fund has just increased its stake in DRAGO to 13.69%.

“Crossing the 12% threshold by Agio Smart Money FIZ in DRAGO is a sign of great trust for us.”, says Joanna Tynor, CEO of DRAGO Entertainment S.A. “This coincides with an intense and busy period for us. We recently started significant playtests of Winter Survival for our creative work, published a new demo version and introduced a number of improvements to better streamline the gameplay. Our title started Next Steam Fest with a wishlist exceeding 200,000 sign-ups. The event provides a lot of exposure to players using the Steam platform, which is why we hope for an even greater pace in wishlist building.” she added.

‘Winter Survival’ is not only DRAGO’s first original survival game, but also currently the company’s largest project. The title offers unique experiences, different from the company’s previous productions. As part of the project, players are transported to a frosty world of survival in the Mount Washington State Park region. The gameplay challenges include not only wild animals and risks associated with moving around unfamiliar terrain, but also problems related to temperature or searching for food and supplies in the snow-covered wilderness.

The project is one of the first games published in Unreal Engine 5 technology. This technology allows even small teams to create games in quality that was until recently only available for AAA games.

“The quality of the graphics implemented in Winter is very impressive for players. Our game is being compared to big hits. This is best demonstrated by what shelf we aim for.”, says Piotr Żygadło, COO at DRAGO entertainment. “One of the surprises we prepared is the ‘extraction mode’, which imposes a time limit on the player, forcing quick decisions. The solution we implemented as a mode named Cold Wave, has previously been used in shooters, mostly those with multiplayer mode. However, DRAGO is known for introducing unique concepts and non-standard ideas into games. This is our hallmark, appreciated by fans.” he added.

In the coming days, the Studio will start working with streamers, as part of the final preparations for the early access premiere, which will take place on February 28.

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