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XTB Investment Plans Now Offer Recurring Payments for Ease of Investing

INVESTINGXTB Investment Plans Now Offer Recurring Payments for Ease of Investing

XTB Investment Plans, which offer long-term, passive investing in ETF funds, have gained a new feature.

Customers can now set up regular funding of each of their investment portfolios with a fixed amount taken from available funds in their XTB account, bank account, or credit card.

The funds will then be automatically invested in ETFs according to the allocation previously defined by the client.

XTB has added a new functionality to its Investment Plans, thus facilitating regular investing. Thanks to recurring payments, customers can now fund their passive investment portfolios with a selected, fixed amount. Recurring contributions are then automatically invested in selected ETF funds according to a previously determined target allocation.

Since the autumn of last year, XTB clients have been able to invest in passive instruments in the medium and long term. Up to 10 investment portfolios can be constructed as part of the Investment Plans, each with an individual strategy based on selected ETF funds. Each portfolio can hold a maximum of 9, and the minimum investment is only 50 PLN (or 15 EUR or 15 USD for accounts in other currencies).

In line with earlier announcements, XTB has now enriched its proprietary product with the possibility of automatic investment of fixed amounts without having to remember to regularly fund investment portfolios. Thanks to the recurring payment function, each investor can set how often and how much he or she wants to invest, and these settings can be changed at any time to suit current needs and investment goals.

“Thanks to modern technology and the use of algorithmic trading, our customers can now regularly invest a selected amount. Recurring payments make long-term, passive investing easier and allow for utilizing the global potential offered by ETF funds,” comments Omar Arnaout, CEO of XTB. “We are constantly expanding our offer, enriching it with products for people who are interested in investing but do not want to spend too much free time on it.”

Outside Poland, the Investment Plans are available on selected markets, including Romania, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, and the UK. In the coming days, this product will also debut outside Europe.

“We see promising results of Investment Plans on all markets. The Polish market is leading, where the product was added relatively late, but thanks to the great interest of clients, it became a leader in terms of the number and value of investment portfolios,” adds Omar Arnaout, CEO of XTB.

Increasingly rich offer of passive investing

XTB focuses on offering its clients an investment app with an increasing number of both instruments and new products. In recent months, the offering in the passive investing segment, which includes Investment Plans, has been expanded to include interest on free funds. XTB clients can take advantage of rising interest rates and earn even when they do not invest actively. Interest is accrued daily and paid monthly. For new clients, the interest rate goes up to 5% for a US dollar account, 4% for a Polish zloty account, and 3.8% for a euro account.

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