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When will business appreciate the Internet of Things?

BUSINESSWhen will business appreciate the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a very broad concept, and as a result, the array of potential applications is equally vast. This ranges from popular wearable solutions like watches, bands, sensors mounted on bicycles and footwear, to solutions used in industry and business.

The consumer market segment is developing very dynamically, for example, home appliance devices are becoming popular, such as the Thermomix, smart home devices like those controlled by Tedee, or even smart bulbs controlled by a mobile phone. Sales of these solutions are continuously growing, and few people identify them as IoT devices. However, in the corporate sector, rapid growth is yet to come. The technology used in home devices is almost identical to that used in business. IoT solutions will be successfully implemented in enterprises in the near future, including in the production and logistics segments.

When planning to implement a technology, its profitability and the intended return on investment always need to be assessed. Businesses do not yet see a clear difference between the technology they already have and IoT. As soon as there are examples and good implementations in the industry, this dynamic will start to increase.

As with any technology, integrators must blaze a trail and show customers the positive application of IoT in business. The implementation process does not differ much from the standard implementation of solutions such as CRM. It is worth noting that the infrastructure is slightly different from typical office solutions. IoT solutions are most often real-time solutions. Safety systems, analysis, and reporting are similar to those found in classic solutions that have been implemented in businesses for years.

Today, in the context of technology, one cannot separate the private and business worlds. Individual customers already see the benefits of IoT. Business will follow them. It just takes time.

Comment by Piotr Kawecki, CEO of ITBoom Sp. z o.o.

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