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What gifts do Poles want for Christmas in 2023?

FINANCEWhat gifts do Poles want for Christmas in 2023?

Happiness, health, and so-called peace and quiet – 15% of Poles dream of such gifts. On the other hand, 12% of them would be thrilled with electronics under the Christmas tree (e.g. phone or computer) or appliances – according to a Christmas survey by

December is a month when we give presents to our loved ones. Experts from, a multi-comparison site for insurance and financial products, investigated what kind of gifts Poles would like to find under this year’s Christmas tree and which Christmas presents we consider the best in our lives. Poles’ preferences when it comes to gifts may be surprising. As research by suggests, the most important to us are intangible values : health, happiness, love and friends.

Dreaming of Health, Happiness and Electronics

Poles would like to find under the Christmas tree things that cannot be bought for money. Although survey respondents pointed out phones, computers, or appliances (12%) as the gifts that would bring them joy, they claimed more often that happiness, health, or so-called peace and quiet would be the best present for this year’s Christmas. Almost every seventh respondent (15%) gave such an answer.

Another desirable Christmas gift are also values such as love, family and friends (11%). Almost every tenth respondent would also be pleased with a planned trip or a gift in the form of an envelope with money.

The Best Christmas Present includes Appliances, Love, and Friends

At the same time, asked respondents which Christmas gift received so far we consider the best in our life. The answers are dominated by electronics (over 17%), specifically devices such as smartphones and tablets (5.4%), computers and laptops (4.1%), gaming consoles (2.8%), appliances (1.7%), headphones and smartwatches (0.7%) or televisions (0.6%).

A wide range of respondents considered intangible values, including love, family and friends (15.6%) as the best Christmas present. Respondents were also happy with jewelry and watches (8.8%), clothes (6.1%) and cosmetics and perfumes (6%).

How Much are we Going to Spend on Christmas Presents?

Electronic devices or trips are gifts that generate considerable expenses. Poles take this fact into account and try to plan their Christmas budgets realistically. According to a study conducted by, Poles intend to spend approximately PLN 650 for Christmas gifts in 2023. 24% of respondents want to spend between PLN 251 and PLN 500 on this, and 21% from PLN 501 to PLN 1000.

How do we Finance the Purchase of Presents?

High prices prompt Poles to look for opportunities to buy gifts for less money. As the report prepared by shows, 31% of respondents plan to look for discounted presents and take advantage of shopping opportunities. Moreover, 21% of respondents look for presents earlier so they can buy them at a lower price. 19% of Poles planned to buy gifts during November sales for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

“Poles will mainly finance the purchase of presents this year from current income and savings. Only a narrow group of people will use credit. If we run out of funds, we are probably more likely to use installment payments or so-called deferred payments instead of traditional credit. This is due to the fact these solutions are available ‘on the spot’ at the time of payment, and therefore we do not have to postpone the purchase of gifts, which not only saves our time but often also reduces the stress that sometimes accompanies pre-Christmas shopping,” says Katarzyna Gaweł, expert from

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