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Uncertainty Surrounding U.S. Support for Ukraine Amid Speculations on Trump’s Potential Presidency

POLITICSUncertainty Surrounding U.S. Support for Ukraine Amid Speculations on Trump's Potential Presidency

Currently, in the realm of security, most issues worldwide, especially in Europe, are determined by the war in Ukraine. Support for Ukraine is widespread. Until recently, there was a global consensus on this matter. However, doubts are emerging regarding the stance of the U.S. administration – it’s uncertain whether the United States will continue to support Ukraine. The U.S. is the main force driving both financial and military support – material, intelligence, reconnaissance.

“Everyone is asking what will happen to U.S. aid if Donald Trump, the former president of the United States and a Republican candidate, wins this year’s presidential election,” said Maciej Matysiak, an expert at the Stratpoints Foundation and a lecturer at ANS Gniezno, to the service. “Certainly, everyone is bracing for the possibility that the support could be reduced. However, what will actually happen remains unknown. The former U.S. president Donald Trump has often stated that he is unpredictable and considered it his greatest asset. We can quote the recent words of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk – who, in a conversation with President Trump, said that he is unpredictable – only that this unpredictability is advantageous for our opponents, not for us. This uncertainty is a threat, and we draw conclusions from what happened during Donald Trump’s previous presidency. He significantly reduced NATO’s activity in Europe. Moreover, he articulated clearly in his statements that he could end the war within one, maybe a few days. Such an option is purely in Russia’s favor. Therefore, Europe has no choice but to get to work. It may depend on us whether support for Ukraine continues and whether Russia succeeds,” Matysiak pointed out.

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