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SatRev and Government of Oman Establish Joint Venture

COMPANIESSatRev and Government of Oman Establish Joint Venture

A company named Spazers, established by SatRev, a Wroclaw-based startup in the space industry, in collaboration with the government of Oman, was created for the production and launching of satellites into space. This is an extension and consolidation of SatRev’s cooperation in Oman and the Middle East in the context of the region’s development and delivering satellite solutions.

SatRev, in partnership with the Polish company Tuatara and ETCO SPACE (a government agency of Oman promoting innovation), will, through Spazers, provide satellite production services, launch them into space, as well as build and operate ground stations in Oman and the Middle East. The company will be responsible for the construction of satellites for various purposes, including communication, Earth observation and scientific research.

“Based on the positive evaluation of our previous cooperation, the Oman government wants to continue it, this shows how necessary is development in this area, especially due to increasing threats. Deepening cooperation with Oman is another milestone in SatRev’s development. We are thereby expanding our operations and strengthening our position in the Middle Eastern market” – said Grzegorz Zwoliński, CEO of SatRev.

An important component of Spazers’ offer will be satellite launching services, this will be possible thanks to SatRev’s experience in launching satellites with several global providers. The established company is intended to be a growth center for the space ecosystem in the region, providing services to Middle Eastern governmental and commercial customers to meet the growing demand for space industry services, supporting innovation based on SatRev and Tuatara technologies.

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