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Proacta Secures $4.2 Million to Drive Commercialization of DataBION Bioinformatics Platform

COMPANIESProacta Secures $4.2 Million to Drive Commercialization of DataBION Bioinformatics Platform

Proacta SA, a bioinformatics company listed on NewConnect, raised over 1.5 million PLN ($4,20,000 USD approx.) through a recently concluded Series M share issue. Private investors took up over three million shares at a unit price of 0.50 PLN ($0.14 USD approx.). The funds raised will enable the achievement of key development objectives related to further commercialization of the proprietary DataBION platform designed for the healthcare sector.

“Despite the challenging market conditions, we have managed to secure capital that will allow us to realize our main goals related to the commercialization of our own bioinformatics products. We have set specific development objectives for ourselves, some of which we plan to achieve this year. The past few months have been extremely important for us in terms of formal steps towards the consolidation of entities into one leading joint-stock company. We have thus reduced costs and shortened the management process. We have accomplished our designated tasks according to the adopted schedule and this year we can fully focus on developing our business itself.” – informs Arkadiusz Zachwieja, CEO of Proacta SA.

The remaining funds necessary for further development of the company were obtained from current activities in the IT segment. In November and December 2023, Proacta signed four long-term contracts to provide IT specialist teams for the implementation of external projects. The total value of the contracts signed is over 34 million PLN (approximately $95,00,000 USD).

Proacta primarily focuses on creating AI-based predictive algorithms that allow for analysis and interpretation of medical data. Thanks to its efficient servers, Proacta is developing a Medical Big Data Center that processes large data sets. The company offers a multifunctional predictive analytical platform, DataBION, designed to collect and process medical and genetic data on its servers.

“We have achieved measurable results in the field of bioinformatics solutions in healthcare. We have our own advanced platform for medical data analysis, which is a real response to the needs of doctors and specialists. We have established cooperation with the first oncology hospitals in Poland, which provide us with the necessary information and use our solutions. We have also had our first successful collaborations concerning the development of an AI-based system to support doctors in making diagnostic decisions. Given the dynamic development of AI in medicine and the interest of new partners in collaboration, I can confidently say that this year could be a turning point for the company.” – adds Paweł Ciesielka, CTO of Proacta SA.

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