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President of UODO to investigate the disclosure of information that led to suicides

LAWPresident of UODO to investigate the disclosure of information that led to suicides

The President of the Office for Personal Data Protection (UODO), Mirosław Wróblewski, has called for a close review of two high-profile cases where the disclosure of personal information led to suicides.

Too much public exposure can be tragic. In one of the high-profile cases, the media disclosed personal information that led to the identification of a child victim of a pedophile. Following this, the boy attempted suicide.

The President of UODO decided to investigate this case. He requested the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin to provide information about their findings related to the boy’s suicide.

In addition, the President of UODO reached out to a radio station. He asked for information about the station’s practices to ensure the safety of processed data and its compliance with the GDPR. Also, he sought details about any internal investigations conducted by the radio station in relation to the broadcast that revealed an excessive amount of the boy’s personal information.

Moreover, the President of UODO has decided to examine another case where a priest’s personal information was disclosed through social media following his arrest over alleged indecent behavior. The individual took his own life, possibly in relation to his identification.

In addressing this issue, the UODO President asked the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin to share information about their findings for consideration of action by the supervisory body in relation to personal data protection.

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