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Polish Leaders Meet with US President to Discuss Security and Cooperation

POLITICSPolish Leaders Meet with US President to Discuss Security and Cooperation

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and President Andrzej Duda met with U.S. President Joe Biden in Washington to mark the 25th anniversary of Poland’s accession to NATO and discuss future collaboration. The meeting underscored the shared perspectives between Poland and the United States on security issues, including the vital support for Ukraine in its struggle against Russia. Highlighting the occasion, the U.S. announced plans to extend a $2 billion loan to Poland for the purchase of 96 Apache helicopters, bolstering Poland’s defense capabilities.

Tusk highlighted Poland’s leading role in NATO, showcasing its commitment by planning to allocate 4.2% of its GDP, approximately 160 billion PLN, to defense in 2024, setting a standard for European NATO members. The Prime Minister reiterated Poland’s dedication as a steadfast pillar of the transatlantic community, underscoring the seriousness with which Poland treats its commitments, more so than any other country in Europe.

The discussions with President Biden also covered NATO’s critical role in ensuring the security of its member states, with Tusk affirming the inviolability of Article 5 of the Washington Treaty. This article is particularly significant given the ongoing conflict near Poland’s eastern border, emphasizing the unified stance between Poland and the U.S. on supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression.

The press conference highlighted the collective support for Ukraine, emphasizing the obligation of European countries and NATO to assist in military, humanitarian, and material terms. President Biden assured American support for Ukraine and commended Poland for its assistance to the embattled nation.

Furthermore, the U.S. commitment to bolster Poland’s defense through a favorable loan for Apache helicopters was announced, enhancing the eastern NATO flank’s security. Additionally, Tusk announced ongoing cooperation with the U.S. in nuclear energy and technological collaboration, marking a robust partnership aimed at fostering energy independence and innovation.

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